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I have a fiesta 1.4 tdci having problems starting it but

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Hi i have a fiesta 1.4 tdci having problems starting it but when running runs fine it also same problem when warm starting. Sounds to be a fuel delivery problem but the injectors and seals have been tested they all fine. One thing id also like to add / ask is the high pressure pump timed. Because ive changed the timing belt an i no then only main thing has changed is wen i done it the fuel pump pulley turned quarter turn anticloakwise taking up the slack on the belt could this cause then problem every computer its been on is saying it fine there is a good pressure on fuel rail when running etc. Doing research suggestions have been maybe glow plugs or air bubbles. But surely if it was air it had to be a big enough hole for it to be turned off and and not fire bck up straight away. Please help !!! Thanks for your time
Hi there good evening to you
Ok what type of starting fault do we have here is it a continuous crank first thing in the morning then once started its ok
If you switch it off after driving does it start ok or if left for a while dies it crank no fire
Is this intermitent
Does the vehicle ever just cut out when driving
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for fast reply firs you have to hand pump it like crazy and after about 3 full cranks ( i mean as in u turn the key to point the starter motor stops x3 ) its worse in the morning but it is iffy during the day never sure if its gunna start. When it is running it will run all day to the point u turn it off u try agen will not start but sumtimes leave it half hr an couple pumps it starts its crazy. Tbh it has had to be forced started with easy start sumtimes but trying not to use it because engines get lazy on it. On easy start it does start straight away tho. I would say so much intermittent anymore seems to be everytime now and always in the morning. The car has neva jst cut out while driving but have had sluggish points where the thought of an air bubble is present because it sluggish for few mins then picks up fine like fuel not there

Hi there Steve ,good evening to you
Ok have you tried to attach jump leads as your symptoms indicate a fault with the battery itself under load (crank )
If the voltage at crank drops under 10.5 volts the vehicle will either click the starter or turn a few times then stop depending on how low the voltage goes
Also you driving it then turning it off and it won't start would indicate a battery voltages would just like to rule rid out firstly as if you have been driving the vehicle and key off the vehicle and it doesn't start straight away this would rule out air ingress
I would just like to rule the battery kilt first as I have seen a technician spend hours on a vehicle where by it had intermitent crank no fire ie: turn over a few times then stop and repeat etc only after deliberation
The issue was actually caused by the battery thus connecting Jump leads started the vehicle immediately
Regards ***** *****
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It wont be the battery we have changed that didnt mention it didnt think it was relevant. Urm what i mean the car has a built in cut off point for the starter motor to stop overheating i believe but one turn of the key will give you a ful about 7 revs of the crankshaft then cut off while it takes til the third to forth turn of the key an hopefully it starts. ( but has been gettin worse) tried a lil throttle same time but doesnt help. i will have a go with jump cables as well to check but it is a brand new battery (yuasa silver 5 yr warranty ) have tried a halfords standard 2

No worries I just want to rule this out as its relative to this issue
The next step with this issue would be to monitor the fuel pressure with the fault present to see if it is low during the crank no fire period
The fuel pump only has a balance mark/pin this isn't for timing at all as its just a high pressure pump to produce high pressure to the rail/injectors
Also on the 1.4tdci there is s fuel pressure regukator at the rear of the pump it has a 2 pin White multiplug attached to it ,this has been known to cause this type if issue due to a poor /loose connection and should be checked also
Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok ill do that can u tell me if this is normal wen it runnimg on tick ova fuel pressure on the rail is about 2500 to 3000 psi an increases as you rev could a air leak on the top fuel pipes cause this issue bcos im think of jst changing the whole top section of fuel rail including hand pump bcos the hand pump has seen better days since we have had to pump it so much. Wondering if tha caused a pin hole like i addedi have changed the fuel filter and also changed it bck to original to make sure new wasnt dodgy.

Hi there no worries
The primer pump and pipes Aldo suffered from sir ingress issues ie:chaffing and pin holes in the plastic welds thus why the fuel presdure should be monitored at crank in case of a low fuel pressure concern
3000psi is around 200 bar so this seems ok but I can Double check/verify this idle readings for you but most importantly is the pressure when fault occurs
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok thank you if i leave 100% feedback can i still ask u questions on the matter ?

Hi there
Yes we can still continue to communicate on this same post even after rating is given
Regards ***** *****
Gallagher99 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi ive spoken to the guys who got it an running the dianostics they tested the system an fuel pressure is fine anything else you can suggest ? What about wen i done timing i locked up crank first then cam an fuel pump that was according to the instruction manual that come with the belt, is that the correct procedure? Only becos they askin if i locked them they suggesting maye crank is out of align. Also im thinking i did have to take the magnetic ring off the crank pulley end i cleaned it before putting it bck on to make sure there no grease on it could tha ring cause this problem ? The strange thing about this most the time wen u do get it started nw it will run an sumtimes start agen as long as u dont move the car. An it always gets bubbles in the return pipe wen u turn it off. What a headache

Hi there good afternoon to you
Has this only occurred since the belt was done
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ya really speaking well hear is the full story

We bought the car salvage cat d front end damage very light where its 07reg an about 80,000 miles an still on original belts decided before getting it on the road do all belts an filters so shldnt have a issue in future. Took off fuel top piping jst to look at top of engine because they known for injector seals they all fine so rebuilt an change filter. But the car did start an drive off the delivery truck an got moved to the opposite side of drive to start work on it which was about 2 months after it sitting there. Now not starting since doin the work. Another mate is saying they got a problem with 1 they got, it being the crankshaft sensor could that be possible? P.s oh ya even tho its runs its quite noisey compared to one i heard the other day, mine sounds more like a transit engine

Hi there good afternoon to you and sorry for the delayed response
Ok your symptoms would indicate low fuel pressure
Has the fuel pressure been tested with the fault present
In most cases if the crank sensor or pick up ring are causing issues it shouldn't start
It's advised not to touch the outer surface of the crank pick up ring
I assume the crank and cam pins lined up after a few turns of the engine following belt replacement
In regards ***** ***** ingress this can be caused by something like a split injector leak off pipe I ring
Has clean clear pipe been fitted to the system to monitor if the pipes are running dry (leaking back to the tank )
Air ingress when running can also cause excessive diesel knock /noise symptoms
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi yes the fuel pressure has been tested with fault present and comes back ok.

Ok so i guess the crankshaft sensor is not the problem because it does start and run when it does getting going jst runs like a transit

Do u mean the crank an cam locking pins ? If so yes the aligned when i done and they align up when u turn the engine over by hand after the belt was changed also had just nice compression when pistons reaching tdc with no knock etc (when i turned by hand).

So goin by your advise im going to change the full top fuel pipe system (hand primer etc) due to it not being in great condition and looks a good candidate to eliminate. Specially as it has a drop in power now and again where like i said a bubble passes then picks up agen. Thank you for all your help mate. When the parts arrive and fitted ill get bck to you if it works (or not ) fingers crossed

Hi there
No worries hopefully this cures out starting issue
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi sorry for late reply i finally got the car back tonight. It turned out to be one of pins was missing from the crankshaft magnetic ring . You know the pins that sit between the ring an the cranshaft like locking pins that are loose well 1 of them was missing done that started up instantly an now everytime still sounds like a transit i forgot to say the noise is only there on idle but if i put the clutch pedal down its goes quiet instantly jst sounds like a normal diesel could air ingress still cause that ?

Hi there that's good news
Ok if there is a rattling noise that disdapeaed when the clutch is depressed then this indicates a worn dual mass fly wheel
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Oh ok that not great on my pocket then ­čśĽ ok not a problem ill investgate that when i can but hey it does have 80,000 miles on it. Thank again mate you been a great help