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There, I've got a problem with my 2007 Zetec-S TDCi.

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Hi there,
I've got a problem with my 2007 Zetec-S TDCi. I drove it home two weeks ago and after parking on the driveway, the engine fan continued running and drained the battery. I connected the car via jump leads to a friend's and the fan came back on. We disconnected the fan relay and the car will not start now.
We have checked all of the fuses and none have blown. The following fault codes are present...
P1620: Immobiliser ID does not match
B1600: Passive Anti-theft signal not received
P1602: immobiliser ECM Communication error
The instrument cluster and the ECU have been removed and sent for diagnostics - both have come back without fault.
The organisation (ECU-testing) who are looking at the ECU have offered to carry out a virgin install on the ECU and have said this "might" help.
I'm at a loss with this and understand that I will need to tow to a Ford garage, but am conscious of the high expense that this will incur.
If you can provide any additional info on whether there is a way of bypassing the immobiliser or whether the virgin install is likely to help that would be fantastic.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Hi there mark ,good morning to you
Ok your cooling fan fault lies with the cooling fan relay sticking on
Ford released a modified more robust cooling fan relay to combat this
The no crank /Immobilsor issue will have been caused by the jump leads being attached as the voltage spike causes this concern
the Immobilsor light that flashes on the centre of the dash
I also assume when the ignition is on its flashing rapidly (faster than normal )
When you put ignition on The light should come on solid for 3 seconds then go out this is the self test passing
If it starts flashing rapidly then this means you have an Immobilsor active issue
What to do is leave the light flashing rapidly for 1 minute then watch the light as it will emit a flash code ie: 1 Flash - PAUSE - 5 flashes = flash code 15
If you can check this code mark and let me know I can advise you further
Kind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Brian. The funny thing is I bought the upgraded relay from Ford for the fan, but after fitting it, the fan continued anyway.

So on putting key into ignition, all dash lights become active as normal and then go out. The immobiliser light that you refer to comes on for three seconds and then goes out.

You turn the key and no sound, no clicking or cranking - just silence.


Hi mark
Ok do you know the exact part number of the relay you bought
In regards ***** ***** Immobilsor concern in my experience with this issue there Immobilsor has received a spike
You need to have the cluster and PCM repaired together (this may not allow you to do this if the Immobilsor stored keys is below the minimum number 2
In some cases of this concern the PCM (which stores the keys ) shows that the number of known /stored keys is 0
In this case we need to reprogramme the PCM to the latest software level and recode the keys then repair the cluster and PCM together
Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Brian

Thanks for this. Is the PCM the same unit as the ECU? If so, they have both been sent off for repair and found to have no faults...

Best wishes,


Hi mark
Yes the pcmis the ecu
These parts aren't faulty thus no fault found on testing
the Immobilsor system will just need to be repaired using ideally fords ids software
Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Brian. OK so is there any benefit to the ECU testing company completing a "virgin install" of Ford's software or will Ford wipe the ECU as a matter of course during the repair and reprogram?


Hi mark
Ok it's pointless the ecu testing company resetting the ecu/cluster as they can't code the keys back in
I this case mark you really need fords ids software connected to resolve the issue as per my previous post about checking how many stored keys there is then repairing the Immobilsor System
This will all be fine using the ids software
Regards ***** ***** Brian
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