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Robert, Ford Technician
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I have a ford focus leaking coolant , slowly going down and

have to top up. ... Show More
have to top up. noticed driver foot well carpet is wet.
can you tell me what can be causing it ?
Many thanks
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If the front footwells are wet and have coolant type smell to it - then it likely your heater matrix,core is leaking as coolant runs through that too, you'll need to be 100% sure it is coolant thats pooling in on the floor and not rain water which of course would need to be dealt with too - obviously if your getting coolant loos at that rate you would inspect the engine coolant circuit for any obvious leaks around the hoses and there connections / radiator / expansion tank / water pump / thermostat housing etc - using a coolant system pressure tester on the coolant system can help force leaks to appear when the engine isnt running and can help for sure whats needs to be may also through up a problem with heater matrix - normally to replace the heater core once identified as the source of the coolant leak..require centre console/dash the core resides at the base of the heater housing.both pipes come in via the passenger firewall/lower not an easy job to replace..I do hope this helps

Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

sounds expensive

what about adding radweld?


Nothing worng with giving it try well worth a try id say with the radweld,steelseal.and see how that goes..not really a great fan of these additives to be honest as they really are only a temp measure,but if it works and seals the leaks then fine..but it wont work for rubber parts of the coolant system.some work some dont..K-seal as such "can" block small coolant passage ways from experience..

It might be worth maybe getting the lower dash panels off and have feel around the base of the heater box to see if coolant can be felt from it...the only other alternative is to bypass the heater taking the two hoses that lead to the firewall within the engine bay and join them together..thus this will stop the leak and prevent issues with the engine due to coolant loss..something to bear in mind if the additives dont help..but like i say maybe investigate the source of the leak first to get a clear picture of where the coolant is going or leaking from..