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I have a Ford Kuga mk 2 with a sunroof problem. Trust Ford

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I have a Ford Kuga mk 2 with a sunroof problem. Trust Ford ( Kingston ) have spent 4 days on the car and still can't get the roof to work properly. A new motor has been put in the roof and they are telling me that it should have a memory ( or sequence of operation ) in the way that it operates, it doesn't seem to be able to hold the sequence, but it seems that it works how and when it wants. i am afraid that if they spend to much time on it that I won't be able to afford the bill.
Hello and Welcome..
This is MIKE - Im happy to help / advise..
The problem you have with the sunroof - if its not retaining its memory functions, this is most likely down to the switch bank faulty - as opposed to the motor - or, the computer module that has overall control of it.. so I would perhaps mention that to them.
Or - it can be a simple wiring issue - Of course these things need checking through properly.
Too - you might tentatively suggest that they get help /advice from Ford Tech Dept - they can call on them for help on "difficult" issues -- often they don't like to - admit defeat as it were.. but they should...
They will just have to progress and get this sorted for you... but from your point of view - and most importantly, you mention you are worried about the size of the bill... If the car is as you list it - a 2014 model - then you should not get a bill - such work should be covered under the Ford warranty.. and too - they should be giving you a courtesy car while yours is with them...
Let me know if I can help anymore at all or if there is anything Ive missed or you need something more..
Kind Rgds - MIKE.
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You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..
Rgds, MIKE.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, thanks for your replly, i really appreciated it. Trust Ford Kingston called a halt to working on the roof as they were not able to sort it and there other work was backing up. They supplied a new roof frame new paoramic rear glass , one new sunroof motor, with the bill nearly £2000.00 and i still don't have a working sunroof i'm sure you can imagine what i am thinking, and how i am feeling right now. Unless someone comes up to me and says'' i can fix your sunroof and it won' t cost you an arm and a leg'' then it can stay as it is, a very expensive that doesn't work

Hi again... Thank you for your reply ( and for clicking the ratings for me - thank you )I can indeed imagine what you are thinking - indeed I was shaking my head slowly as I read what you wrote.It would be interesting to know what Ford Tech has said to them about this - but given all the components they have replaced- it can only be down to either the module that has overall control of the roof - or problem with the actual switching mechanism... I don't know if thats been discussed, but that would be the next logical step.I take it they have indeed done all this with no charge to you .. and if you are "happy" , I use the term somewhat loosely,. to leave it as it is, they have got away with that one.. It would have been interesting to say the least what the cause is... and again - do bear in mind that you are within your rights to insist that its put right for you - at their cost while its still in warranty.Thank you for taking the time to update me.- all the very best to you.. and you are welcome back anytime..MIKE. “I’m glad to have had the opportunity to help / advise you on JustAnswer. I would be very proud to have your opinion shown publicly as a sign of good service to other customers.To give your opinion, just visit the link below: you very much.”