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There I have a 2014 galaxy auto done 70 k when in drive

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Hi there I have a 2014 galaxy auto done 70 k when in drive and you go to stop at lights or a junction etc the whole car shoots forward and nearly cuts out this only does this in drive if you knock it into neutral before stopping it don't do it also it's not very smooth either can you help ?
Hello and Welcome..
My name is ***** ***** happy to help ..
To help me to help you - can you please tell me -
What is the mileage on the vehicle?
What is its service history like?
Do you get any fault lights of any sort comee on when driving and esp when this fault occurs?
Have you had any tests / checks or anything done at all -thus far.. ?
Rgds, MIKE....................
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi there 73 k and full ford service history
No lights on
Thanks Gary
Hello again Gary - Thank you for your reply - Ok - the next thing given the info you have given me as above, is to have the transmission fluid checked... It needs to be checked for its level - and also its condition - - If it smells bad - ie - burned etc..and / or is black - then you have internal transmission issues looming for sure -- If its a red colour - some are brown - then its fine in that dept. -but check its level - it just may need topping up to cure that issue.. a lack of fluid will certainly cause that. Some have a dipstick- like an engine for checking the fluid - check - have a visual for it.. and use it if you have that type. I suspect though you will have the non dipstick type - which means more likely than not - you will have to get garage help to check the level as there is a specific / proper procedure for this - to be sure its accurate - Same applies to adding or renewing the fluid. -- If you don't have any warn lights come on as you say - then chances are its not an electronic / control issue - and there wont be fault codes...but it may come to at least checking that - but first check / have it checked fluid wise as above..then go from there.-- The other thing is - I see its a 2014 model - this therefore will be under warranty with Ford - so your next step should be to call the local Ford dealer to have the above done... Any tests / checks and all work needed will be under warranty - Foc.. So you that is your next step on this get this sorted for you.By all means let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..~~~~ Meantime - Please do click on the "Exc / Ok rating" for me at this time.. "Thank you" in advance for that ... Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out.-- Best Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi thank you I had a new gear box at 37k as old one was leaking fluid the car has now done 73 k so is out of warranty
Thank you for your help I will get car booked in for fluid check K
Hello again - Thank you for your reply - Im sorry I wasnt on when you replied.The warranty should still apply as the car is the age it is - the fact that you have covered the mileage you have on that new trans shoudn't affect the Ford standard warranty - Speak with the dealer on this but that should be correct.Apart from that - the tests I mentioned above will still all apply to find the cause of the fault whoever does them - but I would chase this up with Ford first... Too - your replacement gearbox if it is giving the problems , should have lasted longer than that..Again, Let me know how you go. I do just need you to click on the "OK ratings" for me at this point please as thats how Im credited for helping you - Thank you again in anticipation - Kind Rgds , MIKE.
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