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I have a 2010 Galaxy showing passenger rear door open. I am

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I have a 2010 Galaxy showing passenger rear door open. I am guessing the microswitch in the door lock is faulty the door locks and unlocks fine but will not double lock and alarm presumably because it thinks door is open. I have been trying to find a diagram showing which pin is which on the door lock electrical connector to prove it is at fault before spending £165.00 on a new lock
Hi there good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response
Ok do you have your registration number there as there is a few different diagrams to look through and this will allow me to pull up the correct one
The fault will most commonly lie with latch itself as it's rare to experience wiring issues within the central locking system on the Galaxy
The latch has a micro switch ajar switch which is an earth into the latch and once the latch closes an earth is sent to the BCMii which deactivates the door open message in the dash
Once I locate the diagram are you wishing to test the wiring at the latch or the BCMii /fuse box in the passengers footwell as testing for an earth at the BCMii means you are checking it at the closest point to where is should arrive and Also you don't need to strip the door panel off etc
Kind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Reg. AV60 NVT I can strip the door card with not too much work. I have had the latch mechanism out once already. I was going to test for continuity on the microswitch but after taking it apart it looked so fiddly i thought i could just test the pins at the electrical connector but could not find anything telling me which pin is which. If you know an easier way to test the fault great. I have not looked at the BCMii and would need instruction what to test and where

Hi there thanks Ok the passengers rear latch ajar signal (earth ) leaves the latch at pin 4 (black wire ) as all door wires are same colour This then goes to connector 27(pin6) and leaves this connector as a green wire to the BCMii at connector 2 pin 9 you should have an earth at pin 4 of the latch multiplug with the latch closed over If not you are looking at an internal micro switch fault If you strip the wire at pin 4 back and connect a piece of wire to it and touch it off an earth ie:door striker pin The message on the dash should go off as this is you telling the BCMii the door is closed you can attach a wire as a temp repair I have attached images of parts of the diagram If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know If you are Completely satisfied with my answer /advice PLEASE RATE MY ANSWER Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thanks answer is just what i was looking for but are the pins on the door latch numbered if not do you have a diagram that shows pin numbers

Hi there
The PIN numbers are located on the door latch multiplug
You might need to shine a light in the plug as they are sometimes small imprints
I cannot seem to get connector face veiws up this week at all as this sometimes happens now and again as changes/mantanence are made to the ford site
Regards Brian
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