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Where can i get my 2008 Ford Focus cc3 folding roof serviced.

Customer Question

Where can i get my 2008 Ford Focus cc3 folding roof serviced. I had a new JEMs unit fitted two days ago to fix a wiper problem, and now my roof will not open properly. It takes several presses of the fold/ open button to complete the cycle. I have spoken to the appoved ford garage who fitted the JEMs unit about the problem, but they say they cannot check it because it needs special equipment to carry out the task. I live near Penzance and have checked all the local Ford repair/service centres, and they all say they do not have the trained personel to check out the system. A caption is displayed when the fold/open cycle fails, that reads 'ROOF MALFUNCTION SERVICE REQUIRED' The windows all drop ok but then it fails with an audio warning.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 2 years ago.
Ok there is no way to tell if a dealer has a focus cc technician thus only contacting then and asking if they have the tools and trained technicians Ok I deal with every convertible issue that comes into my dealership in Scotland These roofs should not be diagnosed or fixes attempted by anyone who does not have the relavent training as this can result in serious injury There is special holding tools that MUST be used when resolving the roof malfunction issue This fault could lie with a number of things From a hydraulic leak to a sticky roof shocker of micro switch Common faults are burst /leaking hydraulic hoses At the roof pump area If you check the boot area for any oil leaks in the passengers rear side of the boot Other faults can be a defective sensor or switch I have also seem a sticking roof hinge cause issues These vehicles have 12 micro switches fitted to operate the roof mechanism These work in a specific order (if one doesn't work or is late in switching the roof can't complete the operation This is a complex system especially when faults arise The ONLY. Way to diagnose this issue is to have fords ids laptop connected to the vehicle and using data logger monitor every switch /sensor on the roof mechanism as the roof is operated Even with the training I have been on it is still a difficult job to correctly diagnose if you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me knowif you are completley satisfied with my answer/advice PLEASE RATE MY ANSWER Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day Brian