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I need a help with coolant draining on my mk4 Mondeo 2.0

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Hi, I need a help with coolant draining on my mk4 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi. I couldn't find any drain plug and wasn't sure which hose to disconnect to drain the system. Could anyone help me with this?


Normally some radiators dont have drain plugs on the only alternative you have really is to undo the clamp on lower large radiator hose and twist it off to drain it out that way.undo the expansion tank cap to allow it to drain quicker...coolant must drain into a catch tray.once its drained then just refit the hose/clamp back on..I do hope this helps...if you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, could you send me a photograph of the hose to be disconnected? I know the theory, just need to know exactly what hose is that..


I dont have an actual pic of it in the car im afraid - but i do have a pic aswell as highlight the points on the radiator/AC/Intercooler pack assembly on these - you'll note that where the bottom radiator hose is..on these they have whats termed as a spring clamp/clip..that holds the hose to the once you've located'll see a silver spring need to feel for the small bump/raised part of that clip and stick a small screwdriver in to pop it up and release the just slides up and then locks in the open need to remove from the hose totally - then pull the hose out from the radiator,might take a bit of wiggling if it stuck but just keep twisiting/and pulling and gently rock the hose away..without damaging the radiator neck or the hose itself "do not use levers to prise it off"..when refitting push the hose back in till it bottoms out then push the clip down.till it locks on the hose neck...try pulling the hose again to ensure it locked in place..if not re-release the clip up and then push the hose in again.push down the clip to lock it closed..they can be a bit troublesome these types of locks on these hoses to actually ensure they are fully locked.....I do hope this helps further

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks a lot for the picture and very clear description. It is very helpful indeed. Would you know if there is something in the way or it can be done from engine bay just after taking engine undertrays off?


Ideally you'd want to be taking the lower under tray off anyway to drain the coolant off than have it pouring out in all directions if you got it off in from the top..but either way the best way is to go up from underneath..albeit once you have the hose loose then you can go in from the top and push it off the rest of the way aimed into the catch try under the car..but never the less you should ensure the cars supported safely on jack/axle stands before working under the car..