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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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My Car, a Mk 4 1.8 TDCI Mondeo Edge is think suffering from the same fault in that the eng

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My Car, a Mk 4 1.8 TDCI Mondeo Edge is think suffering from the same fault in that the engine turns over seems to start but then stops as if it has no fuel. I can see from the service records that the previous owner replaced the Glow Plugs, Crank Sensor & also bought some EGR cleaner late last year and the car has done about 10k miles since then (the car is now 162 k miles. I can see you recommend checking the el;ectric fuel pump that feeds the high pressure pump including checking the relay switches & fuse. Please could you advise where the fuel pump relay is & also location of the fuse and pump itself?
Also please have you any other ideas?
hello the pump relay should be in the underbonnet fusebox and its location marked on the fusebox lid, along with the fuse for the pump the pump is inside the tank and can be accessed by lifting up the rear seat cushion and removing the blanking plate I'd also suggest to check if the ECU is getting 12V on its fuse and also check the condition of the crank and the cam position sensors and their wiring for any damage a faulty crank sensor will certainly result in the symptoms you decribe
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Matt - Thanks for the reply. There are symbols in the under bonnet fuse box & I'm not sure which is which?

With regard to the location of the low pressure transfer pump my Haynes manual advises it is within the same casing as the high pressure pump rather than inside the tank?

Hello the TDCii engine has the lift pump on the back of the main pumpthe TDi engine has an electric lift pump in the tank - I see that I've confused the two with my 1st answer so there's no electric pump to test if you have the owners handbook the fusebox symbols should be 'translated' in there