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Ford mondeo estate the dual mass clutch has just been done

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ford mondeo estate the dual mass clutch has just been done and ever since that was done the engine management light is on and is on limp mode . last week it was saying fuel filter overload but the engine runs fine .i have had the eml put off at a garage a few times and after about two days its back on but its on all the time now .i have parked the car up because i am sick of it but i need to find out whats wrong. oh i must say at six in the morning you need the lights and i have noticed that the headlights flicker from time to time
Hello and Welcome - My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise.All your symptoms point to either damaged wiring or . loose / bad earth connections.... this could certainly have happened while that DFM job was done as its extensive and wires / connections etc get tugged about etc.I suggest to start by checking the tightness of the connections to the battery - and the starter motor - and the alternator... inc the smaller cables - all on the Positive circuits.Then check the earth the same - and follow the black neg cable down from the bat to the body where it connects on the chassis... and then - check the cable where it connects from the body to the transmission.Im pretty sure you will find the problem / cause somewhere as above - but if not - carry on checking the loom wiring for damage AND all the connections on the circuits - esp the smaller earths on the engine - and the body.Its not an uncommon issue but has different causes depending on where its been affected... Im sure you wll find the cause this way as above.Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..~>>~~>>~ Meanwhile now at this point- Please do click on the "Exc / Ok rating" for me at this time.. "Thank you" in advance for that ... Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out -- Best Rgds, MIKE
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

do you think i would be better with an engine bay wireing loom

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

do you think it may be better with an engine bay wireing loom

Hi again...The looms / wires inside , can get "torn apart" - damaged that way - especially if the people that worked on were shall we say, somewhat brutal... but its more often the case that you get torn wires at the connections - in the multiplugs or at the earth connections - where the wires enter the clamp fittings- but do check it through as I have outlined -it could simply be a loose / badly fitted earth - that is common and will cause all such issues..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you my car isnt at home its at work so i will have a good look the morn i will get back to you so thank you just now

No problem at all - Your'e very welcome.

Rgds, MIKE.