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I have had a black box fitted to my sons ford KA by the insurance

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I have had a black box fitted to my sons ford KA by the insurance company, now the battery, which is new keeps draining the battery. All the electrics intermittently flick off and on, this hasn't happened previously is this coincidence?
Thank you

If this has only ocurred after installation of the tracker for your insurance company - then i wouldnt be at all surprised thats its either to do with an installation error or something has been or is partically disconnected/reconnected and thus causes this intermittent electrical failure - obviously of course steps would need to be made to retrace the steps over installation of that unit where it positoned and if in the vacinity of ignition wiring/main fuse panels and the wiring/plugs are checked there..and of course checking the obvious factors with the main battery itself and ensure its been properly reconnected - the terminals i mean just to be sure they arent you may want to check that.
But the only way you'll know for sure that unit is at fualt is to disconnect its power supply/fuse if you can - and then see how that goes overnight once your battery has been fully charged - if the battery hasn't gone flat after you've done that - then you'll know for sure the unit is either fualty or has been installed incorrectly/wiring wise and you'll bascially need to try and ask/enquire with your insurance company the details of whom fits these trackers or did yours so they can re-check their installation or replace the unit if prefered.. failing that you could get a second opinion maybe try a good local auto electrician whom can trace how its been fitted. - they do essentially use a tiny amount of voltage and shouldnt really in a sense cause the battery to completely flatten overnight - if thats not the cause "your tracker" then the problem must be elsewhere and you'll need to try and go through the steps as above or be it via your auto electrician to trace this issue it could many hundreds of possibilites of wiring issues/components that run with a voltage to cause a battery drain.its just a case of tracing the circuit effected..but the best place to start id say is the tracker installation...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you it seems like it's the electricsame flickerING off a d on that seems to e draining the battery but I will see if we can access the area where the box is, which I believe is under the steering column in the vicinity of the ignition so may well be a connection issue, can 8 come back to you if this isn't so?


Yes - But its most likely if this problem wasnt apparent before hand due to installation error or during which they've hadn't reconnected something i say the obvious places have to be checked ideally where the box is / how its been installed wiring wise / the main battery/fuse panels / how the tracker is getting its feed etc...but failing if you can find anything as far as you can tell..then the best advice is to re-contact the installer or insurance company and explain this issue has cropped after the installation on the tracker device and they will likely send someone to re-check it id imagine..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you

No problem.. If you could Rate one of the answers above it would be most appraciated......however if you have anything further? then just ask..