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I have a 2010 kuga and a red warning light in the centre top

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I have a 2010 kuga and a red warning light in the centre top of the dash board keeps coming on for a split second, when driving or stationary. When it does, the radio AND heating lighting panel cut out at the same time.
Any ideas ?
Hi there good morning to you and sorry for the delay
Do you still require assistance with this issue
Kind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Yes, I still require assistance.

If you require any further information about this issue, please let me know.

Kind regards,


Hi Iain good evening to you and thanks for replying
Ok is this an intermitent fault if so how many times has it happened
I assume the red light is the red Immobilsor light that comes on solid when you put the ignition on and also flashes slowly when. Car is locked
Has this light ever flashed rapidly or have you had any starting issues where my the vehicle wouldn't crank
Does any messages appear on the dash display or display shows ----- or do you feel a dip in power
Kind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Brian,

I can confirm it IS the red immobilisor light which is flashing.

It is indeed intermittent, and has been happening over the last 4 to 6 weeks. Initially it was barely noticible, but now it is happening every two to three minutes (and sometimes actually within a few seconds of each other).

I don't believe I have seen it flash rapidly.... it just comes on, stays solid for a second and then dissapears again (and as stated before, its when the light comes on, the radio cuts out, and the heating panel dims off).

Interestingly i DID have a starting issue with it both at the weekend and again this morning.... I pressed the starter button and literally nothing happened. I then left it a few seconds, tried again and then it worked.

I have seen no messages come up... aside from a 'service oil' message that has appeared way after all this started.

Hope this all helps,


Hi Iain good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response
Ok these to type of intermitent issues can be more difficult than other faults to trace due to there nature
The most common cause of this is an internal instrument cluster fault
But before diving in and replacing any parts I would firstly advise you have a good quality diagnostic fault code check done on all the modules ie: PCM ,cluster and keyless module
This type of issue can be caused by several different systems most commonly a loss of communications between the cluster and PCM
But software issues within the keyless module or cluster can also cause this issue
More clarity will be shown once a fault code check has been done as the system is so complex and technical this is imperative to correctly diagnosing this issue
Kind regarda in advance
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your latest mail.

So, just to be clear, do I need to attend a Ford garage and ask for a 'diagnostic fault code check' to be completed on PCM*, Cluster and keyless module ?

Additionally, should the fault reside in the instrument cluster, as per most common cause... What sort of cost would we be looking at to rectify ?

Kind regards,


Hi Iain good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response
Ok I would advise having the ford ids software used to carry this out as scanners and code readers aren't any good for this type of concern due to the complexity of the keyless systems and communications network between the Modules
This may be a case of a software issue in either the cluster it keyless module where by the software level can be updated during the prelim diagnostics using fords ids software
I have also seen keyless module issues or clusters causing this and in regards ***** ***** costs IF this was the case would be £400+ at a rough estimate
But we will know more once the fault code check is carried out
Please don't hesitate to contact me for further advice or clarification on what you've been told regarding this issue Iain
This post will stay open even after a rating is given
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Brian,
Apologies for the delay in reply... (Been a bit tied up !).
Ok, I am going to book my car into the Ford garage here in Swindon. Would you be kind enough to write/type out what I need to tell them... Regarding the fault and what I need them to do , in order to get to the bottom of this ?
Many thanks (will rate etc upon receipt).
Kind regards,
Hi Iain good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response
Ok the first thing that must be done is a fault code check using fords ids software on ALL the modules
And the codes should be printed out and then erased
Ideally the next step is after the fault reoccurs is to recheck the fault codes logged (the reason being some codes can be left from previous repairs /diagnostics
This is the most imperative part of the diagnosis
We will know much more once this fault code check has been completed Iain and please don't hesitate to contact me going forward with this issue regarding clarification of what you have been told etc
And I will do my upmost to advise you the best course of action
We can continue on this same post even after rating
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening
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