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I am replacing cam belt water pump etc. on a 2001 galaxy

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Hi, I am replacing cam belt water pump etc. on a 2001 galaxy 1.9 tdi. When putting the new water pump in place I notice it seems a loose fit. Not completely but it does move slightly, and although it is definitely the correct pump and yes, it does have the O ring seal I am worried that it may leak even after being bolted up if the seal is not mating properly. There is no gasket specified and I can find no recommendations for sealant so my question really is - is the movement normal and should it be OK once bolted up tight or do I need to apply some sort of sealant?

How do you mean loose? when its fully home and mated upto the engine its still loose in the housing/oriface?

You do have the pump orientated correctly in that i mean the protruding stub with the bolt hole for the timing belt cover should be to the left roughly in approx. 10 o' clock position?

And you checked the sealant ring is the correct thickness?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, yes the pump is definitely orientated correctly but if I hold the pump up against engine can still wiggle/twist it slightly, doesn't seem to be any resistance when doing so. I don't know if the sealant ring is the correct thickness, I'm suspecting not, is possible to obtain thicker ones ?

Hi again Robert, I just went out tried it again, and then the old one. To tell the truth there doesn't seem to be a perceptible difference in the play between the two. perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily, although looks like the old one may have had some sealant around, but cant really tell if it is just bits of the old seal.


Generally speaking from dont need to use any sealant on fact its best avoided - depends on the make of the sealant of course and how much is put any cheap/instant sealant that gets squashed out inside the pump oriface will dry out and these bits of that might find it way into the coolant passages etc - the best sealant you can use on that if required is Permatex's water pump/housing sealant whether you have access to that or not might be worth puting a thin bead its personaly preferance whether you opt to that..but the pumps as far as i recall do have a little movement when fitting but once bolted and torqued up it should be fine - But the sealant ring is what it does and doesnt require sealer to be honest... the oriface in which you removed the old pump does require cleaning - but maybe you've done that upto now..things id the sealant ring thickness against the old one..just incase!..ive seen it so many times on other cars where the rubber seal isnt the same or some suttle thickness differances..unless you get the pump directly from a good supplier or dealer then you shouldnt have to worry about that - ensure the rings seated properly in that groove on the pump..and then basically align the pump on push it fully home..hold the pump whilst fitting your bolts in till they bottom out ..and then tighten upto 10Nm..and that should basically be that...once it tightened up etc just spin the pulley and ensure its smooth running..and thats should be fine..I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks for that Robert, that gives some peace of mind, as you suggest I'll just bolt up , hopefully that will do it. The pump came as part of a Gates kit. I understand that they are a pretty good brand, so should be OK.

Once again many thanks and have a good week end.


Yeah normally Gates products are about the most common timing belt kits you get over the parts i shouldnt see any issue with the pump being the same brand,never had any problems with them myself and have used them for alot of years - its just ones you generally get over the likes of ebay etc you need to watch out for..

However all the best with the job! - please dont forget to rate one of the answers above..most appreciated..thanks Robert