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I have oil fluid driping off clutch peddle.onto the floor mat

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I have oil fluid driping off clutch peddle.onto the floor mat in foot well.
The fluid is probabaly most likely brake fluid - the clutch release system is hydraulic so uses the same fluid..the clutch master cylinder is up in the footwell attached to the fire you need to get access upto into the footwell or to the top of the clutch pedal to check for leakage around the master cylinder note the green part attached to it..and then feeds a small black cylinder that attached to the clutch pedal itself via a push rod..all of which is basically plastic..if the leaks from that - then its pretty much a new clutch master cylinder you need to have fitted and then the system re-bled.. I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes just checked brake fluid level and it was down. it looks if it is what you say. Thanks for you help.
Certainly will be as the clutch master gets/shares its fluid from the brake reservior which in turn sends the fluid under hydraulic pressure when the clutch is depressed to the slave cylinder which in turn clears your clutch to change gear yep a new clutch master is the way forward on this one....
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