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I heard something snapped when I depressed the clutch of

Customer Question

Hi, I heard something snapped when I depressed the clutch of my Ford Focus (05 model). It sounded like something plastic. The clutch still seems to be working but not sure if it has more give in it. Could you tell me what this is please and is the car OK to drive. Many Thanks, Matt
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Id say it might be worth checking up on the master cylinder push rod that attached to the clutch pedal or what your clutch pedal actuates/depresses..Its actually an all plastic noitce it has green plastic section attached to the firewall and two plastic lines that feed the cylinder itself..and its not really all to uncommon for those to break over time,the push rod mostly or it just leaks fluid - if the clutch feels looser than normal then its pretty likely thats whats maybe happened..the only way to confirm that would be to get a look up into the footwell with a good torch and check and inspect the clutch master cylinder and see if its still attached to the pedal.move the pedal by hand to see whats going on and where the excess play is and doesnt appear to be broken the rod i mean /the return spring at the top is still in place for driving if the a part of that cylinder has broken..then your pretty much on borrowed time being able to drive it to be the the end result is total failure and the pedal just falling to the floor.and means the whole unit needing replaced.pretty much in all in that say the best thing to do is to inpsect it and see what you find..if its is the master cylinder..then you need to get it replaced/re-bled etc....I do hope this helps