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I have a 1,8 diesel focus on an 07 plate. yesterday its alarm went off while parked i

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I have a 1,8 diesel focus on an 07 plate.
yesterday its alarm went off while parked in my drive (no apparent reason) so I used key fob to open doors/disarm. Had same thing happen again about an hour later so used key fob and all was OK until approx 2 in the morning when alarm went off. memory is a bit blurred from being half asleep but think I left it disarmed. Then it went off again so did same again and it's been quiet for last 10 hours.
Now it's daylight I have activated alarm, double clicking fob get hazards to flash and opening bonnet with key sets alarm off - so I presume bonnet switch is OK.
When alarm went off in daylight my wipers were trying to move across windscreen (can't remember if I left them 'on' when I parked car in drive) 2.30 this morning they were also trying to move across screen but were definitely left 'off' - so I presume this may be something to do with problem
Any advice welcome ?
Thanks - Chris
Hi there Chris good morning to you Ok the fault lies with the GEMmodule/fuse box This is the fuse box on the passengers footwell The fault lies with corrosion on the circuit board due to moisture /water ingress Caused by moisture droplets from the air con evaporator /heater box tracking down the wiring loom to the gem If you remove the gem and remove the Multiplugs and inspect the pins for corrosion It is more common for the corrosion to be in the large green plug and the small black plug The only fix is to install a new GEMmodule These are around £200 and need to be programmed by fords ids laptop The new GEM has modified plug locations to prevent this happening if you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me knowif you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice PLEASE RATE MY ANSWER kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day and a merry Christmas Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi - thanks, ***** ***** a look when it stops raining here.
Presume it won't trip anything out if I remove the plugs and inspect.
Hi Chris
Ok the radio will lose its code which I can assist you with if you don't have it
As the gem is the main power distribution fuse box
Regards Brian
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