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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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Mondeo won't start on start button, says to press clutch when

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"Mondeo won't start on start button, says to press clutch when already doing."
Hello, I'm having the same problem as a question you answered a year ago.
The car won't start unless I push the clutch really hard or I push the brake pedal with the clutch pedal pressed to start the car on the button.
(The car is a Titanium X 2012)
When you say "bend the bracket forward" is it the switch you can see or the one behind the pedal?
Thanks Ian
Hello this must be a fault with the clutch pedal switchthis is a simple 2 wire device thats located at the top of the pedal in the drivers footwell its possible that its mounting bracket is bent and a simple tweak to push it back into place so the switch is closed with the pedal is depressed is all thats required or the switch may need replacing - but they are pretty cheap
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your fast reply Matt. Is the switch the easy one to see or the one right up high? Also would you have a part number for the switch? Ian
hello it should be the one at the top of the pedal , if you have 2 then there's 1 for clutch up and another for clutch downthe clutch down part is the 1 to replace
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