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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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Dear Matt, You might remember a query from me about an after-market

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Dear Matt,
You might remember a query from me about an after-market CD player setting off my alarm in a 2005 C Max Ghia. I had a number of suggestions both from JustAnswer as well as Ford and my own garage. Nothing worked and I've now decided to sell the car for some peace of mind.
The reason for contacting you is that I am now buying a 2008 C Max Zetec. I will want to upgrade the Ford Audio currently installed. Do you know of any issue which would cause a complication on this age C Max?
Tony Harvell
Hello Tony I don't see any issues with this approachIf its a double DIN you have at present ( they usually are) you can get front fascia adaptor if going for single DIN replacement. You may require a special adaptor to fit the new ISO connector - which Halfords do sell. also for a nominal fee ( usually £10) Halfords will fit it all for you too
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I'm afraid I'm wary of Halfords now. It was their work on my 2005 car that started all these false alarms and both they and a specialist electrical garage in Chard have never been able to solve the issue for this two year period. I just don't want it happening again with the replacement car. Consultation with Ford UK have always pointed to some sort of 'handshake' issue between the head unit and the alarm module. I'm hoping that Ford sorted any compatability issues out by the time they released the 2008 cars.

Hello Tony
thats understandble
its does seem that you may need to be careful to get full compatibility with steering wheel controls
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you Matt,

Many of the after market head units do have steering wheel compatibility. However, your hyperlink seems to indicate that you recommend a proper Ford / Ford Sony replacement. Is this correct? In which case would a Ford / Ford Sony DAB unit be backward compatible with a 2008 CMax?

The reason for asking is that my garage feels that the alarm problem I'm having on my 2005 CMax is linked to the DAB on my after market unit. When we swopped it for a AM/FM only there was no alarm fault.



Hello Tony reading up on it it seems like you have a good chance of everything working if you use a Ford DAB unitthis wiki site is very helpful If you double check the Wiki pinout against your car then this would confirm if you're OK or not I'd say
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