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I have a EAC warning light come on. the car is a Fiesta Zetec

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I have a EAC warning light come on. the car is a Fiesta Zetec 2002. it has been sat on the drive for a few months as its for my daughter when she passes her test. It starts ok and runs fine for a few minutes but the light comes on and power reduces right down. can you advise what the problem is and how to repair it?
Hi Alan ,good afternoon to you Ok the EAC fail issue was a common fault we seen on the early 2002-2004 fiesta /fusion This fault indicates a faulty with Electronic Accelerator Control system (basically the electronic throttle body control system )basically the PCM cannot control the throttle body correctly This fault can be caused by variety of things Ranging from a poor conditioned battery ,PCM software calibration ,faulty throttle body Or faulty PCM I have even seen air leaks at the inlet manifold cause this The first thing is to ensure the battery is a good battery and is in good condition as poor cranking voltage can trigger this Ford released a technical bulletin many years back detailing possible causes one being a incorrect software level indicating the PCM should be updated to the latest level Ideally you should have a good quality diagnostic fault code check done to verify which fault code is being logged as this is imperative to correctly diagnosing this issue going forward And ideally fords ids should be used to diagnose this going forward Being honest Alan Commonly there is no pattern /reason for the EAC fail or straight forward repair for the EAC fail and it is more a case of ruling things out ie battery ,software level and moving forward If you need anymore help or advice on issue Alan please let me know If you have been completely satisfied with my answer /advice PLEASE RATE MY ANSWER Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ThanksI will try changing the battery first and then get back to you is needed.RegardsAlan
Hi Alan no worries We can continue in this same post even after being prompted for rating (the post won't close ) Kind regards ***** ***** Brian
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