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I have a 2011 Focus Zetec Diesel 1.6 - Went into garage as

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I have a 2011 Focus Zetec Diesel 1.6 - Went into garage as it had 'engine malfunction warning light on' told after diagnostics it required new injector. Now its been 4 days since they fitted it and I am now told it is smoking a lot, and misfiring. None of these symptoms existed previously. Any suggestions as they don't seem to have a clue.
Hi there ,good afternoon to you and sorry for the delayed response My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to offer you some technical assistance with your concern Do you know if the smoke is a thickest white /grey smog Do you know of they have had all the injectors removed Is this a ford dealer your vehicle is with Do you know what fault code was logged and Retreived by them Was the vehicle driving ok with the engine systems malfunction issue Sorry for all the questions i'm just trying to get a better feel for the faultkind regards in advance Brian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi BrianIt is not a Ford dealer its a Halfords Autocentre, its where my wife has taken it for servicing in the past.
I am afraid I don't know the answers to the question about the smoke/smog. I believe only one injector was changed.
The engine malfunction warning came on for the first time when my wife started the car, she called the garage and they said don't use it. So it was only driven 2 days later to the garage, at that point the warning message was no longer displayed, and the vehicle was running well and there were no smog type emissions as I followed her to the garage. We agreed that they would run diagnostics to ascertain if there was a fault or a sensor issue, after which they phoned and said it needed a new injector. When I rang to enquire about the progress I was told that the injector had been fitted but there was an excessive smoking from the exhaust and a misfire. Neither of these existed previously.Sorry for being a bit long winded but I really don't understand what may be going on.
Hi there good morning to and sorry for the delayed response I had some family issues to attend to yesterday Ok obviously I cannot determine what the garage has done so will give you a run down of the most possibly causes as the fault wasn't there before they have started working on it the first thing that must be noted is that if an injector is replaced on the 1.6dv6c engine it must be coded to the vehicles ECU this is for fuelling purposes If this has not been done it can cause fuelling issues on the affected cylinder If the other injectors have been removed and cleanliness hasn't been adhered to or the tip if the isle has been cleaned or knocked against sonething this can cause spray pattern isdue which result in a missfire and smoke (commonly white smoke /smog from over fuelling ) this type of smoke is a by product of raw diesel entering the exhaust I have also seen issues where by the injector has been double sealed (basically the old copper sealing washer in the bottom of the injector ) has been left in the cylinder head and then a new injector with new washer is fitted on top of the old one resulting in the injector nozzle sitting too high in the combustion chamber These would be the three most common issues regarding injector work Its no disrespect to smaller non ford garages but when it comes to work methods like this type of work or engine management diagnostics a lot of garages don't have the diagnostic software and technical knowledge on modern day tdci engines to resolve these issues Thus we see a lot of vehicles coming in from different smaller garages who gave attempts to fix issues but made things worse due to lack of technical knowledge of the systems If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know If you were satisfied with my answer /advice PLEASE REMEMBER TO RATE MY ANSWER Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated Brian
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