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Ford Ka 2005 : recently had the rear nearside wheel bearing

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Ford Ka 2005 : recently had the rear nearside wheel bearing disintegrate. It was repaired by a local garage who changed both brake drums as well as the bearings as the bearing seat was damaged by the bearing failure. Two weeks later, the nearside rear bearing failed again and was replaced by the same garage without charge. Two weeks later the nearside rear bearing has failed again! The garage say that it must be the stubaxle that is causing the failures as I should have that replaced. Is this a reasonable suggestion? Or could there be another cause of the repeating failure?
Hi there Mike , good morning to you and sorry for the delayed response
My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to assist you todayOk if there has been a complete wheel bearing failure and excessive heat has been present. Whereby consequential damage was caused to the drum then the stub axle should have been replaced at the same time as the drum /bearing componentsIf you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you were satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Any positive feedback is kindly appreciated E
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Brian,
Thanks for your answer. Given the sudden and comprehensive failure we had on the bearing the first time it failed, it's certain that a large degree of heating, etc. would have occurred so we should have had the stub axle replaced then. The next two failures have just resulted in severe rumbles rather than the catastrophic failure we first had. Is there anything else that could cause the problem that we should consider changing at the same time?
Hi Mike Ok there is nothing else On rear hub setup The rear setup consists of the drum /bearing and stub pin /stub axle (the stub axle is what the bearing rotates on If there is any wear on the stub axle it causes consequential Damage to the other components When I see complete failures like yours I always replace the full setup drum/bearing and stub axle Kind Regards ***** ***** Brian
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, ***** *****'s what I thought (but it pays to check!).
Hi mike no worries If you ever need any future assistance or technical advice regarding your vehicle please don't hesitate to request my services and I will do my upmost to assist you Kindest regards ***** ***** a nice day Brian