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I have a transit 07 chassis no. WF0XXXTTFX7C56246 It's a 2.2

Customer Question

Hi, I have a transit 07 chassis no. WF0XXXTTFX7C56246 It's a 2.2 duratorq. My mechanic has replaced the engine front plate as it was corroded but also needed to replace the crankshaft oil seal, which he did. When the crank pulley was reattached the oil seal was fouled and leaked oil. His solution has bee to grind off the back of the pulley to remove the metal that was fouling the seal.
This doesn't seem like an ideal solution as I assume that the pulley is weighted or balanced and that any deviation from the design will potentially cause premature engine wear.
Would welcome your thoughts.
Nick Cadd
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 1 year ago.
Hi there Nick good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response
My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to assist you tonightDo you still need assistanceKind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Brian,Yes still have my query over my mechanics approach...Thanks.Nick
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 1 year ago.

Hi Nick

Ok the crank shaft pulley Is a dual mass pulley

This means it is made up of two different parts and is primarily used to dampen vibrations from the crankshaft to the accesory drive system

These pulleys are prone for wearing and seperating

This will be the metal part at the rear of the pulley that you speak of

This can cause crank seal damage or in worse case scenarios it can damage the timing cover and cause extreme oil leaks

It isn't advised to be grinding metal from the rear of the crank pulley if there is any type of mass separation which is clearly the case here the pulley should be replaced

This won't cause any engine failure as such but extreme failure can cause dansge to the cover /seal causing loss of oil which in turn can cause engine damage

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue Nick please let me know

If you were satisfied with my answer /advice


Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening

Any positive feedback is kindly appreciated


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Brian,That has helped, when you say mass separation, what do you mean? I assume it is a solid twin pulley when new, but over time and usage and perhaps removal it's become detached, hence the fouling.RegardsNick
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 1 year ago.

Hi nick

The 2 masses are connected using a rubber type dampening setup when new there is no free movement

When expressive wear occurs (free play) the two masses start rubbing against each other causing a metal to metal situation thus you get the shiny metal at the rear

We change crank pulleys all the time on transit for this exact concern

Kindest regards ***** ***** Nick