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I have a EU Ford Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 2008 and have

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I have a EU Ford Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 2008 and have retrofitted power folding mirrors. They fold if i push on the two way switch i installed (fold / disable interior scan next to the handle) but not when double locking the car (although the puddle lamps come on). Does the GEM need reprogramming? If so can you tell me exactly what i need to do?

Hi there good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response

My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to offer you technical assistance with your issue

Ok the reprogramming feature of the gem can only be carried out on certain levels of gem as I have had a customer with kuga (same base variant ) who have fitted foldable mirrors but couldn't get them to work from double locking function (the option was not there in gem programming )

Some have the option where you can change the parameter setting and some don't

You won't know until ford ids software is connected to the vehicle as the foldable mirrors are an optional extra from factory (city pack )

This can only be checked /modified using fords ids software

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know

If you were satisfied with my answer /advice


Kindest regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening

Any positive feedback is kindly appreciated


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the response...A few follow up questions:1) So i gather the problem is not with the door modules but rather the GEM software...if so can i pick up a GEM from a breakers and use it?2) I was hoping the mirrors could be programmed to close, similarly to the window global opening/closing (some secret programming). For example global closing on the windows can be re-learnt (after being disconnected from the battery for a prolonged period) by holding the window switch down until the window goes all the way, pressing down again and then holding the switch up until the window is fully closed. Is there no similar procedure for the mirrors?3) Is there a good place i can buy a full workshop manual for the EU Ford Focus 2008 ? (The Ford ETIS resource seems to be a cut down version of it...)3) Can you provide me with a module part number which would be programmed with power fold as an option?

Hi there

Ok the customer I had in with this quiery had a titanium kuga but without the city pack (there was no option to reprogramme the gem for this function on this vehicle )

His mirrors like you're folded from the switch but not the remote fob

I can look further/deeper into this issue for you(as it is only the second time I have been tackled with this

in regards ***** ***** pin/wiring information(gem part number the system requires to operate and will also connect ids to a few vehicles to see if I can see any differences in programming options

Kind regards ***** *****