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Recently I accidentally filled my 2.0tdci 2002 mondeo with

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Hi there, recently I accidentally filled my 2.0tdci 2002 mondeo with the wrong fuel about (£45 worth), unfortunately I did not notice this until I had already driven it for a while (5miles) the car then died and would not start. I managed to get it towed home and completely drained the tank, replaced the filter and using my hand pump drawn all the contaminated fuel out of the fuel lines and ensured the filter aas primed before fitting it. I have cracked the nuts on top of the injectors, turned over the engine and there is now plenty of clean fuel comming through to the top of the injectors, so Im hoping that is the entire fuel system now blead, as best as the thing is the engine will turn over and has on the odd occasion tried to fire up but it will not fire up completely and stay running. I have even tried a little easy startbut still no joy. Can any one help? Thanks


when you say the wrong fuel , if you mean petrol then I'm sorry to say that its very possible the high pressure pump and possibly the injectors are badly damaged

as the pump needs the lubricity of diesel to survive and petrol strips the pump bare of this and can then allow it to bind up and seize and then generate swarf which is pumped into the injectors

If you were to hook up a pressure guage to the injector rail to measure what fuel pressure is being generated at idle

as it should be 250bar + / - 50 bar

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Oh ok yeah I thought that may be the case, well I guess as I've got nothing to loose I may aswell take out the injectors one at a time and check them over. If they are damaged will I be able to clearly see the damage? Plus I suppose I should rig up some kind of pressure test kit to test the pump! I have a compression tester so I may be able to adapt that!


if you remove the fuel lines off the back of the injector and peer inside / pour out whats inside you may spot something

also a compression tester won't read high enough ( 25Bar at most) , and please be careful as even idling a diesel pump makes a lot of pressure and can be enough cut through flesh if you have a pin prick leak

so I'd recommend that measuring the fuel pressure requires the correct gauge or have a mobile diesel mechanic come and do it for you


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