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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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I have a transit 2.4 tdci mk 7 rear wheel drive the problem

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I have a transit 2.4 tdci mk 7 rear wheel drive the problem is the vacum pump keeps seizing up and the impeller in the pump melts and blocks the oil ways up its the third pump its happened to now ive cleaned out the oil ways out and even put a new water pump on also checked to see if oil is getting up to the pump seems ok I have noticed the engine is breathing very heavily through the oil filler cap the van only has 60.000 miles on just wondering could this problem be oil pump related


there must be a blocked oil way to the vacuum pump as its supposed to draw a little bit of oil into the pump and then be drained out via 1 way valve on the pump

so I'd check that the drain as well as the feed to the pump is free flowing with some compressed air

and if thats OK ensure that the 1 way valve isn't sticking

if regarding the heavy breathing then

thing I'd check is the crankcase pressure relief valve (PCV) these are sprung loaded and are only meant to 'burp' excess pressure every now and then. The exiting gas is piped back to the inlet, however should the valve stick open then the engine tends to suck the air out of the crankcase all the time and this carries oil over with it.

If you remove the air intake pipe and look inside where the crankcase breather is plumbed in you may find evidence of oil.

If you do find oil replace the valve

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