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Over the last few days my 2012 Kuga TDci (55k miles) seems

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Over the last few days my 2012 Kuga TDci (55k miles) seems to have gone into meltdown.
Started with the engine management warning light coming on for the DPF pressure sensor (P2456 and P2452). A couple of days later I got a AWD malfunction warning (P1889) and later on in the same journey both the instantaneous and average fuel consumption indicators on the dash started displaying --:-- instead of the usual numbers.
I guess it is possible that all of these things could have gone wrong in quick succession, but is there anything that could be a common cause for all 3 issues (power supply to the sensors for example or some corroded or chaffed wiring)?
Any ideas before I go for a very expensive day out at the local Ford dealer?


to get all those varied faults at once I'd agree that its unlikely that they have all occurred together

so I'd 1st check the battery voltage with the engine off to check its at least 12V and also check that the main earth connections are bright and tight and in good condition at both ends

as low battery voltage or a poor earth connection will drop the voltage too and this will then create all manner of faults

if the battery is more than 5 years old then it may need replacing

also check that the small earth connection that runs out of the engine wiring loom and is secured to the engine with a ring terminal and a small bolt is also in good condition

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thanks Matt, thats what I was thinking. Where on the engine is the earth connection?

the large connection should be straightforward follow the large wire back from the battery negative terminal to see where its located on the engine

on some models it runs back to the chassis rail 1st and then onto the engine or gearbox

the smaller one ( there may be 2 ) is usually located on the top of the engine and on the end of the cylinder head

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