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My 2012 kuga has done 94k miles. For the last 2 years the

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my 2012 kuga has done 94k miles. For the last 2 years the awd light has came on intermittently. At first there were also some electrical issues, lights, keys indicators. When these were fixed the awn problem went away. May have been coincidence. Now that the light is on permanently as well as an audible alarm within minutes of starting the car, I have taken the car to the dealer ( moved house different dealer.) First they said the pump and filter, now suspect the haled unit itself. I do not have great confidence that they know what they are doing. If it is the haled unit should the pump and filter also be changed given the 94k miles? As the car drives fine could they audible alarm be switched off and the awd lamp just be ignored?

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Do you know what fault codes were logged in the AWD module

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I do not know any fault codes. Previous dealer did put the vehicle on test and reported that pump needed changed and ordered same. When I drove away from this garage I noticed the light was off and it stayed off for more than 1 year, The part never arrived and that garage is no longer a ford dealer. My current dealer has not put the vehicle on test and advise me to keep driving as this could be a very expensive repair.

Hi thanks

Ok the most common issue we see is the fault code p1889 - pump pressure control

In these instances I alwTs advise the pump and filter of the Haladex unit be replaced and system filled with fresh hypoid oil (2litres are needed )

the AWD filter is ford part number(###) ###-####= £55.51+ vat

The AWD pump is ford part number(###) ###-####= £598.00 + vat

That's a retail price of £ 784.21 including vat

The pump takes minutes to replace however the filter take a bit longer due to its location

In rarer instances the haladex clutch fails and starts breaking up thus contaminating the oil /filter and pump

But this is commonly combined with the rear wheels grabbing or locking up

The new haladex units Come complete with a new pump and filter fitted

If p1889 is present you can replace the filter and clean the gauze on the pump and fill with fresh oil as this is a lot cheaper and can sometimes resolve this issue and if it comes to it and the pump is still causing issues it takes a few minutes to replace it

If you need further help or technical assistance on this issue going forward

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
what fault code would indicate that the haled unit needed to be changed.

It's commonly a communication code ie U0001or internal fault with module which logs a p1432 code buy these are rarer and ideally the rear wheels start locking up and grabbing when slow cornering

I suspect you will have the p1889 code

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