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My esp light as come on and won't reset from menu it puts a

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Hi my esp light as come on and won't reset from menu it puts a cross in box then goes away light stays on any help would be greatly appreciated
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I did have a splutter at 2000 revs in second and theard gear but since esp light came on this as stopped just asking what my next step is as no message or codes stored in unit
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Sorry forgot to say it's a mk1 ford kuga 20 tdci two wheel drive

Hi there good evening to you and sorry for the delayed response

My name is***** would be happy to assist you today

Ok most commonly this is not an ABS/ESP but more an engine management fault and ideally a fault code check should be carried out to clarify this

As you have an ESP light coming on and a splutter was felt which is resolved by turning ignition off and then on

then this would suggest that you have a turbo boost issue or a Air intake leak issue as the ESP system is linked directly to the PCMas one monitors the torque versus demand system that is needed to insure correct operation.

This is commonly caused on the early 2.0 tdci were faulty vacuum actuator on the turbo or vacuum supply issue or split intercooler hoses /sticking turbo vanes

The first check is the intercooler hoses check for any small tests /splits more so the front one to the inlet manifold

If all hoses are ok the the turbo actuator should be checked for sticky operation

As over time carbon builds up on the vanes inside the turbo causes the vanes to stick which in turn gives you the p003a code

The actuator is vacuum controlled

If you remove the vacuum pipe and connect a miti vac to the turbo work the actuator arm back and forth

I advise removing the C clip from the turbo arm and manually working it back and forth

It should be nice and free if it's got carbon build up it feels sticky

If you need further help or technical assistance

please let me know and I will do my upmost to assist you

If you are satisfied with my answer /advice thus far

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Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening

Any positive feedback / bonuses is kindly appreciated

Kindest regards ***** *****


Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thanks for replying I also had a terra clean done three months ago and dpf sensor replaced and dpf cleaned I have had it on machine no codes or faults come up

Hi there

Ok if a smaller scanner or wind diagnostic scanner is used we find that it shows no codes due to the fact it cannot pick up certain manufacturers specific codes (this is becoming more common)

I would advise having another fault code check done on both the pcm and abs /esp modules using a higher quality diagnostic equipment

Kindest regards ***** *****


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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi Brian just had look at sensor and turbo clean everything with a cleaner spray out back together and light gone out and able to turn on and off in car now but I've notice air bubbles in fuel line coming out off fuel filter right side