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I bought a used car from a dealership on friday 10th Jan

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Good morning. I bought a used car from a dealership on friday 10th Jan 2020. Yesterday 11th Jan 2020, the fault light came up stating I need to check the pressures of the tyres. I rang the car dealership and the car salesman suggested that I in 24 hours have driven on a nail, however I am more inbelief they have possibly sold me a car with a defective tyre and pumped it up for sale. As even if I had the misfortune of driving on a nail yesterday the light would not be showing so quickly. They have said to being the car in tommorrow , however I am already on the defense as they are already showing they will be looking to blame me.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It is from Bristol Street Motors


No way a dealership over the phone could confidently suggest without looking at the car you've driven over a nail or it was your fault could just be bad luck you have and certainly not a fault by the driver..the only way to know if that was the cae or not is to get the tyre inspected or taken off and checked for leaks with the tyre rotated in a bath of water...but they also need to ensure the tyre valve or the pressure sensor is actually working correctly or not..any other questions?

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Well, the salesman said they are simply going to pump the tyre up with an inflation kit, which I'm not entirely satisfied with as this does not solve the mystery of whats happened. However I will suggest the water testing. My query to them is, if I did have bad luck and drive over a nail in 24 hours, of having the car, surely the amount of pressure lost in 24 hours wouldn't be enough to activate the warning lights, as I thought an amount of pressure would have to be lost first. Hence I was suggesting that they pumped up the tyre for sale and the tyre could have defected before I bought it or are the computers that sensitive?

Use an inflation kit??..jeez .. i take it they dont have a proper tyre inflater then..because they wont get an proper accurate reading using that..unless they have pressure tester tool after words.. . But like most of these system including this one the sensors are fairly sensitive to pressure drops of some large degree..they are run by radio frequency to rely info back to the TPMS module in the car....what they shouldbe doing is firstly inspected the tyre inner side and outer side and tread for any issues.then inflate it and then check for leaks soapy water or the tyre taken off and put into a tank of water to see if any bubbles are seen..if not then it fairly likely the tpms sensor is bad..they can only check that with a tpms tool to see if the sensor is sending out a signal or not...

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
great, thank you so much. I will inform them of this information tomorrow.

Your welcome..hopefully you get it sorted out..