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My grandfather Henry Francis has proved difficult to find he

Customer Question

My grandfather Henry Francis has proved difficult to find he pops up when he marries my Grandmother, they are then on the census. He died in 1936 the records say he was 64 but according to his marriage certificate he should have been 2 years younger.
He had a very particular occupation as a steam crane driver and we believe he worked for Tate & Lyles but they could not confirm this. In the census he said he was born in Manchester but my brother thinks he was Irish and could have been adopted he also thinks he had a brother but he is not sure of his mane. We have been searching for about 5 years with no luck can you help, please
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  Shirley replied 4 years ago.

genealogyhelper :

Hello, My name is Shirley and I will be doing the research on your question. What specific piece of information are you looking for? If you receive a request to rate your answer, prior to receiving your answer, please disregard it. Thank you, Shirley

genealogyhelper :

Hello, I apologize for this extremely delayed response to your question. We have been having problems with the website and I have been unable to contact you until now. If you would still like to have your question researched, I will still help you, I just need some more information to find the correct individual. I have located many Henry Francis born in Ireland. What is your Grandmother's name (maiden name too if you know it)? Where did they marry? Do you know Henry's exact date of birth? Do you have their childrens' names, dates, and places of birth. Any additional information will be helpful. Please do not submit a rating until you have received my answer, even if prompted to. Thank you, Shirley