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Shirley, Genealogy Consultant
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Like all families we have an unanswered riddle! My grandfather

Customer Question

Like all families we have an unanswered riddle! My grandfather was previously married and widowed while working in Malaysia in 1928-1931. NOONE knew until my grandmother died, and we would love to find out what happened. I have done my best researching and the best I have come up with is a small amount of information in The Straits Times in 1931 but it is not conclusive. Please can you help???
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  Shirley replied 5 years ago.

genealogyhelper :

Hello, My name is Shirley and I will be doing the research for your question. All of our research is done online and it looks like you've already tried "everywhere online". I have access to all genealogical records online so I may be able to locate something you did not. However, there are not a lot of Malaysian records online. Can you please give me your grandfather's name, places and dates of birth, marriage, and death? Exactly what piece of information was uncovered to lead you to believe he was previously married? Where in Malaysia was he working? If I need more information, I will contact you. Thank You, Shirley

JACUSTOMER-msgifpvb- :

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me.

JACUSTOMER-msgifpvb- :

My grandfathers's name was Archibald Hunter. He was born in Glasgow around 1904 and died in Glasgow 1966. He sailed to Malaysia in 1928 to work with the Penawat Tin Dredging Limited company. He returned to Scotland in 1931 and married my grandmother in 1932. On their marriage certificate he was a widower. There was also an old photograph of him in Malaysia wearing a wedding ring, which apparently he never did. There was an newspaper article that shaowed that a Mrs A Hunter died in 1931 in Batu Gajah Hospital but no other information. If you can find out anything at all it would be greatly appreciated. Regards Lindsay

Expert:  Shirley replied 5 years ago.

Hello Lindsay,

You should be able to either access the record online or request a copy of it through the National Registration Department of Malaysia Ministry of Home Affairs

You will probably need a translator. I use Google's translator because it is easy to use.

Good luck with your search,


Expert:  Shirley replied 5 years ago.
Hello Eileen,

I'm just following up with you to see how your research is going. Did my answer help?

Please let me know,