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Brendan Joseph
Brendan Joseph, Consultant
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In the 1940s my sister and I were told that my Dad's brother

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In the 1940s my sister and I were told that my Dad's brother ***** ***** Bowers (born 1910 in Poplar) had been "put away". Two rumours over the years -accident on bike and long term hospitalisation and eventually "interfered with young woman". As young girls we were never told what really happened. Their Mum died shortly after his birth (Dad was only about 2 himself) and looked after by different people while their Dad worked (bricklayer). Since I have been tracing our family tree I would love to know where to look for Uncle Harry. Any ideas where I could try please? There is no trace I can find of a death cert but I have his birth cert and his Mum's death cert and all details of his other siblings (all in Poplar/Bromley-by-Bow East London.) So question is = how do I find Harry?
Hello Norah, Do you have Harry's date of birth please? Brendan
Hi Norah, He was in hospital 1939 Household (1 Person)2 Northern Hospital Winchmore Hill N , Southgate M.B., Middlesex, England FIRST NAME(S)LAST NAME(S)ROLE DOB SEX OCCUPATION MARITAL STATUSHarry Bowers Patient 18 Sep 1910 Male Incapacitated Not Press Employed Single First name(s)HARRYLast nameBOWERSGenderMaleBirth day-Birth month-Birth year 1911 ApproxAge56Death quarter3Death year1967DistrictENFIELDCountyMiddlesexVolume5BPage160CountryEnglandRecord setEngland & Wales deaths 1837-2007CategoryLife Events (Birth, Marriage, Death)SubcategoryDeaths & burialsCollections fromUnited Kingdom Brendan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks Brendan - please can you tell me where I can find confirmation of these facts so that I may include them in my AncestryTree? I have spent the last few years (and money on professional researchers) trying to find Uncle Harry and you seem to have done it within a matter of hours! I am very pleased. Harry's dob was 18 Sept 1910. His mother was Caroline Maud Stanley and father was Herbert Frederick Bowers (though actually born Herbert Frederick Clement Thompson. For some reason HF's father,William,changed their surname to Bowers on the 1881 Census form, and as you can imagine it has been a nightmare to unravel. So again thankyou and well done!. Best wishes Norah Dear (nee Bowers).
Hi Norah, The 1939 English Electoral Rolls on Findmypast, the record has the correct birth date. The death record is on Findmypast Thrilled to be able to help you. Brendan
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
More thanks Brendan. I have found Harry now listed on the electoral rolls from 1946 up to 1965 still at the hospital. Cannot think why I haven't seen them before, maybe just come on line for these years.I only have subs to Ancestry, maybe FindmyPast is better?. So I have now ordered a death cert and hope it may give a clue as to why he spent all his life there. Can't find him listed anywhere before the 1939 that you found (when he would have been about 29!) and not at any of the addresses I have for his Dad or siblings. Should have thought he'd have shown up as an elector about 1931 - unless, of course, he was "detained at H.Ms pleasure" and not allowed to vote.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good to hear from you again Brendan. Without unlimited funds I hesitate to jump at offer of 7-days-free-trial not knowing what it could lead to. Obviously having come this close now to the mystery of Uncle Harry,thanks to you I would love to know why he was in that hospital for all those years. And on an entirely different "branch" - my maternal Grandad from Londonderry.(***** ***** Cooke*****Glendermot - 1849 poplar,London,E.14) on entering the army in 1900 listed as kin an older sister CASSIE but I have found no other trace of this lady.Their other sister I tracked to America. Please what is it likely to cost to find Harry's "Incapacity" and Cassie's destination? Thankyou for contacting me again. Norah.
Hi Norah, The only way to find out Harry's incapacity is to write to the hospital, they reply to you as you are related. His death certificate may give a clue. I will see what I can find on Cassie Brendan
Hi Norah, Given Name CASSIESurname COOKLast Place of Residence DERRYEvent Date 29 May 1905Age 16YNationality BRITISH IRISHDeparture Port LONDON DERRYArrival Port NEW YORKGender FemaleMarital Status SShip Name Caledonia Brendan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The top of the morning to you,Brendan! Many thanks for yet another tip for me. As I said, I have orderede a death cert for Harry Bowers but they take a while to come through. As hospital is now closed down i need to find the archives from the local NHS Trust in that area but cannot find them. I wonder if the Cassie on the Caledonia is in fact "my" Cassie but with a wrong age? Regards, ***** ***** (nee Bowers).
Hi Norah, Cassie does not turn up in the 1901 Irish census, but we know that there was a Cassie In Londonderry 1905 because that is where she sailed from. ***** ***** mother was deceased in 1900, his father was listed as a widower. I think Cassie was brought up by close relations Brendan
Hi Norah, If you are satisfied with my research please mark the question as answered. Brendan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Brenda, Thankyou for your response. You mention Cassie as being in Derry in 1905 "as that is where she sailed from". But I see from UK OUTWARD PASSENGERS on Ancestry that there is a Cassie Cooke travelling with an Annie Cooke on the 4th May 1902 on the Carthaginian to New York. Aged 22 so a little bit younger that I reckoned her.. But I do wonder,having seen these travel facts, whether she did indeed go to USA as did her older brother Samuel ( B.1873) on the Peruvian to Boston. Their sister "Minnie" (Mary Anne Elizabeth) (b.1877) went to USA with her second husband Wm Selley and sons on the Corsican to New Brunswick in 1921 Both her husbands were English soldiers stationed in Ebrington Barracks) .Their other sister Rebecca,(b.1881) married John ***** ***** in 1908 and thereafter no trace ***** ***** (b.1879) came to London and married my maternal Grandmother and we were in contact with Minnie and Sammy while the older generation were still around. It's a shame these folk have no paper trail but so much documentation is missing that perhaps we will never know their adult life stories. Ithank you again for trying to help me in this search and also for the data you provided on my paternal uncle ***** ***** Bowers. . With kindest regards, ***** nee Bowers.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Tried clicking on the button to state finished but unable to do so as getting info that page is unavailable.
Hi Norah, I checked all 43 pages of Cassie's in Londonderry 1901, I thought there may be a transcription error. My wife was born in Donegal, she had an Aunt Annie Cooke, she also had an Aunt Cassie, she was born Kathleen. Not many people in Londonderry named their children Cassandra, Cassie was a stand alone forename. I have a Bijon named Cassie !!! Cassie does not turn up in the 1910 US census, also no marriage records in the UK. Bit of a mystery. Brendan
Hi Norah, Rebecca had at least two daughters: Birth of LOUISE HUGHES on 16 April 1914Group Registration ID1168737SR District/Reg AreaLondonderrySexFemaleMother's Birth Surname COOKEBirth of ***** ***** on 24 June 1912 Brendan