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Hi My mother is in residential nursing care.She is in the

Customer Question

My mother is in residential nursing care.She is in the final stages of Dementia and was awarded full Continious Health Care grant on the 3rd March. This must have been fast tracked as 24 hrs after the assessment we were verbally told it was granted. We have never had any written notification of this and have only just received the funds on the 24th june for Full CHC .My mother has deteriotated since the assessment and now 3 months later they have revoked it ! The carehome and CHC nurse are obviously closely connected as it was overheard the two talking two days ago about how they have managed to get them all of CHC ! the carehome is run by a charity and would prefer residents to be self funding as the local health authority have capped full CHC which I would have thought was unlawful. Top ups are also unlawful .We were told by the health authority that if we had refused the assessment we could have continued to be self funding ! as far as I am aware my mother has the right to a full assessment of her needs and if her needs were deemed primary health needs then she was entitled to full CHC .It all smells of a cover up . We have decided to appeal on the grounds that the assessment was not carried out properly and that their own policies were not adhered too. Is there anyone who can advise me on whether they have the right to revoke funding pending an appeal .Their own policies state that gaps were unlawful in funding but that is open to interpretation.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: General