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Hello, My name is Nicole...Im 24 years old and in need

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My name is XXXXX XXXXX years old and in need of some advice.

I am a part time student, currently studying English through distance learning. I also work full time, and am finding it extremely difficult to juggle everything...

This is the 2nd time I have restarted my degree and I have this overwhelming feeling that I am failing in life overall (all of my close friends have finished their degree's and working in their fields)...

I live in a flat with 7 other people in 2 bed flat, I am sleeping in the bathroom due to lack of space. The noise at home makes it difficult to unwind after a work day, and focus on my studies.

I feel very unmotivated, I don't socialise much (I have always been a very introverted person), I find that I am down a lot of the time for no reason, and often break into tears...seemingly out of nowhere; most of all, I feel trapped and 'stuck in the mud'.

I have considered moving out, but I am not in the best position to...I have about 2,000 of debt and no savings, but I am overwhelmed by the need for my own space and independence.

Sorry for the longwinded message...

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your question:

I can only imagine how difficult it would be to study, work and live in such a crowded flat. I would offer the following advice.

You need to prioritize your goals. You are trying to do too many things at the same time. Unless you focus on improving your living situation, you are not going to have the energy and focus to complete your studies.

I would focus on working as hard as possible, paying down your debt and saving enough to get your own living space. When you are able to move into a space that allows you to think, sleep and relax - you can then return to school.

You should also speak to your GP about your depression. You may need to see a counselor. Antidepressant medication may also be a consideration. In either case - don't ignore these symptoms.
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