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I was contacting a former friend. She had decided to end the

Customer Question

I was contacting a former friend. She had decided to end the friendship (despite how nice I was) due to accidental offence. She thought I was being racist to her but I did not mean it that way. So she is over-reacting.
I tried to warn her that is against the Bible's law. It says you have to forgive people. We are Christians, just different beliefs (I am a Jehovah's Witness and she became a Catholic even thought she said she would look into becoming a JW). So obeying God's laws should be a concern to her. But she would still not forgive.
I ended up getting a phone call from a Lincolnshire Police Officer saying I would be arrested if I contacted her again. So I stopped contacting her but complained.
I tried to warn the Police of why I was doing this:
1. Her decision to end the friendship was bad advice given by her church. I think they just did not like her being friends with a JW.
2. The Bible says "you must forgive people. So how is that my fault? That is like complaining to Labour about a Conservative law.
3. We promised each other to always be friends. So she is breaking a promise.
4. If she continues to harbor resentment, she could be liable for Armageddon destruction and I did not want her to die.
5. She has falsely accused me of some crime and Jesus gave a commandment against this. So she is breaking a commandment.
But the Police would not listen they think they acted lawfully. HOW COULD THIS BE IF MY FRIEND WILL DIE AS RESULT?
The Police suggested I should seek legal advice (but that is not why I am contacting you) One solicitor I contacted said this could aggravate the situation.
Is that what the Police want: My friend dead and the situation aggravated?
Jehovah's Witnesses are the most law abiding of all citizens and that is why officers like being at our conventions (they know that nothing is going to happen). So if they cannot respect how law abiding we are how can respect how law abiding other people are?
I complained their behavior to CPS ant hey seemed to understand and said they tell the Lincolnshire Police my concerns but got no reply.
I also complained to IPCC but they did not understand or uphold my complaint. They say they did but cannot agree because I was trying to point out that my friend could die if she does not heed my advice, but (according to the feedback) it looked like they thought I was complaining about the wrong authority being involved. I cannot complain again to IPCC as they said any further complaints will not be responded to.
It looks like the Lincolnshire Police want my friend to die. How can that be lawful?
I want to take action against this Police force. We cannot have one that wants people to die.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 4 years ago.

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