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What do people actually mean when they say or text Awww Bl

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Hello, thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael, a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

From my research this evening, this term means a way of saying thank you. It can also mean something very sweet or cute.

The urban dictionary offers the various definitions below on how bless can be used:

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. I have crush on someone, and he knows that I love him. last night I text him, that I miss him terribly and he text back and say Awww Bless. do you have any idea, what he's trying to say me, does he interested in me or he's not into me.


please help. I'm really confused.

I feel he likes you as he thinks what you wrote to him was very sweet and wanted to thank you. Sounds like he is interested!

Nice way I think of how to respond back to you. Good choice of words.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

can I live chat with you?

Right now my chat feature is down but go ahead and continue with your questions typed here and I will be happy to help.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Alright, no problem. you know the guy I like, he has a girlfriend but I'm not sure they break up or not. 2 weeks ago, he text me, he misses talking to me. I ask some of my friends about "Awww bless" text and they tells me "the word of sentence "aww bless" is common in every chat and they say, they say it a lot too. they also said it's a way to sympathise along :) nothing too meaningful. so' I'm worried, he might show sympathy to me or you really think somehow he likes me. do you have any idea, if he was not interested in me, what could be he said, some of my friends tell, if he wasn't interested in you, he could reply to you, simple thank you. some of my friend tell, he's being polite with me. I'm really really confused. please help me much as you can. I looking for a honest answer.

I feel he is being polite and was saying what you wrote back was very sweet and nice. He could have just said thank you or thanks but his term of aw bless sounds to me a little more sincere.

I would continue to chat with him online as well as text and see how he uses any sort of wording that shows he cares. I still feel he sounds interested but of course be sure he is in no longer in a relationship.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I understand. do you think I should replied something to him. one day gone I didn't reply to him anything. when I texts him, that time he was in someone's birthday party so I couldn't chat with him. when we do talk, we always do casual talk, like,,, how are you- how's family-sometimes he tells me about his work, and there always short conservations. so it's difficult to ask him, something about his personal life. about 3 month ago, I was ask him, Do you like someone? and he replies back "there is someone. and also he texts, best person for my parents and myself, that's what the person should be. and he also told me, he told his girlfriend about me and about my family, and she likes the sound of my family. this was the first time he text me, that he misses talking to me. before he was never texts me first, but thses days he texts me like once twice weak but there is definitely not romantic talk. he will marry this year and I have to marry this year too, because I have lots of pressure from my family. he's actually my cousin, we live in far way from each other, and don't meet too often. I have a gut feelings he likes me, but don't know he never say me something clearly. when I meet him in real, he show me the sign that he likes me, but when it comes to the texts, he's quite different. so I'm big worried. I really like him and don't want to lose him.

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

another thing, we're muslims and we can marry with cousin. and he's my second cousin. and two weeks ago, he was texts me he misses talking to me, this was the first time he texts me something different. he's really close to our family, close to my sisters family, he often went my sisters house and stayed over there. my sisters are living London. he's also very very close to with my 2 younger brothers. everyday they talk, chat, playing video games.

Continue then with the text messages and take things slowly to see if his feelings are mutual. No need to rush if he was already in a relationship. Sounds though he is very nice and polite which is good.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

so, do you think, he is in still in a relationship or they broke up? and my questions is, if interested in me, than he could be said, I miss you too or something like this. why he only say, awww bless. really don't know what to do. if misses me, than why he takes 2 weeks or even more to texts me. does I have any chance with him? and I really don't understand, if he likes the other girl, why he says, best person for my parents and myself that's what the person should be, what he meant, can you explain me? far as I know, his family accept that girl a long time ago. they have no choice but to accept his choice.

Did not know he waited two weeks to respond. Saying aw bless sounds like he is being polite so would continue to be polite back and continue to chat with him to see if he offers any of his feelings. You may want to ask family and friends of if he is still in a relationship.

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Aw okay. thank you very much for your time. nice meeting you. you seems to be very nice person. my last questions is, what he trying to say, when he says to me, best person for his parents and for himself that's what the person should be.


last week he texts me, hey which ones your number, I got two. and than I texts back and tell him about my number and also tell him, you only got my number nobody else, and he said "really aww sweet.


thank you very much you again. I won't you ask you anymore questions, but please explain me this. stay well. take care... and have a good night.

It sounds like he is still searching for a relationship from what he told you so sounds like door may be open for him to contact you much more. I would though ask around from those that are near him what might be going on as would be tough on you if he still was in a relationship. Best to know ahead of time.

From everything you have said on his text messages, he sounds polite and is being a gentleman. But really hard to know for sure but it sounds like he is friendly to you which is good. Continue to text and see where this goes.

Thank you for the kind words toward my help and I hope things work out with this. Sending positive thoughts your way!