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for Cher only Hello Cher , hope you are doing ok . My latest

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`for Cher only` Hello Cher , hope you are doing ok . My latest request for information for story ideas is the spotted /stripped Hyena
Hi Ewan and thanks very much for requesting me.

I'm doing fine and hope you are the same, especially with the healing of your back!

What would you like to know about the spotted/striped hyena?

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi , My back id doing well still a little tender and sore but that to be expected .

What i would like to know for next story installment is, the guy in picture is on his way to a geological dig ,driving in an open top Landrover , he dresses like shown in pic to top up his tan. Some how the landrover hits something and it crashed , falling onto it`s side and the guy spills out onto the ground and gets knocked out .


Unfortunatley for him there are Hyenas living in the area , how would they attack and feed on him.

Hi again, Ewan and thanks for your helpful reply.

Wow, look at the abs on that guy!

Please allow me a short while to investigate this scenario for you and then send my answer.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yea , he is pretty big all round, Look forward to your reply.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX'm working on it now. : )
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, look forward to hearing from you.


Hi again, Ewan.

Hyenas typically don't have a reputation for attacking and eating humans, but there have been enough incidents to prove that they are capable of this. They typically feed on carrion of already dead animals, killed by others or killed by themselves.

If a hyena or a pack of hyenas came upon this guy and they were super-hungry, they would start feeding on him. The first thing they would do is tear open the belly and disembowel the guy, then start feeding on his insides. Depending on how many hyenas are in the pack (they often travel in packs), they would then start feeding on his extremities, starting with the meatier thighs, and then move down the legs and to the head and arms. Hyenas have bone-crushing strength in their jaws and therefore, could crush the guy's skull easily.

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow thanks for the great answer. Yes i read that they travel in pack of 5 to start with , Unless they are hungitn a heard of wildie beast , then they bring in more hyenas to ensure a beter kill ratio.


If it was just a small hunting party of 5 that came across the guy

1) How many would feed on the are in the tight red speedos .

2 ) how would that area be eaten .

3) would the trunks be eaten as a one

4)would what in the trunks be swallowed hole.

5 ho much of the guys body could they eat.


Thanks for your help look forward to your reply.


Hi again, Ewan and you're most welcome!

I'm so sorry for the delayed response; my browser crashed and I had trouble
rebooting! Frown

Thanks for your reply with more in depth questions.

If this was a pack of 5, there would still be competition regarding who eats what, when, and there is usually an 'alpha' (top) hyena--leader of the pack who would start feeding first, on the choice parts. This top hyena would first start feeding on the meat inside the tight red speedos, and then allow others to join in.They would not eat it down in one gulp, they would rip and tear at the meat with their teeth/mouths. The trunks would most likely be tossed aside as it was shredded, but if they did eat pieces of it, it would be undigested and come out in the stool. They could not eat the whole body at one time. They would probably eat the belly area, what was in the trunks and part of the face, then hide the carcass and eat the rest at their leisure in the future. As was mentioned, they usually eat carrion killed by other animals, or other hyenas, if they come across it and they do have a reputation of being 'scavengers', but this has been overrated.

I hope this helped!

Warmest regards,

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