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Anna, Teacher, writer, biologist
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For Anna Only Hello Anna I am trying to find out about the

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` For Anna Only` Hello Anna I am trying to find out about the Charchter The Face of Bo. in the UK`s Tv program Dr Who , In particular I am trying to find out what the Face of Bo eat .Look forward to hearing from you ,Thanks
Hi Ewan. I'll be happy to do this for you. As usual, I'll need to research a bit, and also go through my morning wake up rituals (it's early here). You'll get an email when I post.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thats fine , Look forward to hearing from you , bye fir now.


Thank you for waiting. I'm afraid we're meeting a dead end on this one, in terms of your adventures. The Face of Boe is an unselfish and compassionate being. He was willing to sacrifice his own life to save others. So, he certainly woudl not kill. I couldn't find any evidence that he needs to eat at all, though there are some vague references to eating fruit. One theory I came across sated that he was immortal, and therefore he coudl simply starve to death over and over, then resurrect, and no one would know the difference. That sounds like a most unpleasant way to exist. At any rate, it certainly appears the Face of Boe is no monster, and would not be consuming any humans. Where do you want to go from here?One possibility woudl be to create our own face encased in glass, give it a different name, and have it be a monster. Let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Anna , thanks for the information , Yea i could not find out much more than your self . The face of Bo turns out to be Captain jack harkness one of the other charachters that is seen In Doctor Who .in his human form Captain Jack had exotic tastes in food , But sadly like you say The face of Bo does not appear to feed and is a very good natured being . I will have a think about your possible scenario of creating my own face of Bo type charachter I will get back toyou once i have thought about it .

Thanks for your help so far.

Just let me know when you decide.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Anna , been having a long think about how we could proceed.I think we could have a similar looking head/face as Bo, But make it evil and a monster , given how tight the chamber wher the head is normally seen , I don`t think it would be able to feed in that chamber so , There would need to be a larger tank were the hungry face creature could be fed.

I would imagin a scenario something like this , the guy in picture is a slave and he is sent in to clean the glass surrounding the monster head .the creature uses telepathy powes to get him close enough . So now comes the part , how would it feed on the guy .

Look forward to your thoughts and information.


Unfortunately Anna is having trouble accessing your question at the moment. We are working very hard to resolve the issue.Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Ewan,

I apologize for the delay. I was unable to open your question all day. I kept getting an error message.

We'll call this monster the Face of Woe (just change the name if you don't like it). Woe is an energy being without an actual body, but he still needs to nourish himself. He does that by taking the energy produced by terror in a human being. Eventually, the prey dies as all their energy is depleted, but Woe likes to keep them alive as long as possible to savor their fear.

The slave boy is ordered to go in the room with the Face of Woe to clean the glass. He is already frightened because he knows other slaves assigned to this task did not return. As he enters the room, Woe immediately perks up. He hasn't fed in some time and is hungry for energy. As the boy starts to polish the glass, Woe moves his horrifying face close to the glass. The boy trembles. That alone gives Woe more strength. He follows the slave as he works on the glass. The boy becomes more and more terrified. Woe telepathically orders the boy to the top of the chamber and makes him remove the cover.

Woe flows out into the room. He expands in size. Because his body is made of energy, he is able to surround the slave boy with his non-material self. The boy now screams in terror. The more fearful he becomes, the more ferocious and strong Woe becomes. The boy is surrounded by a horrifying jumble of what looks like lightning bolts and feels like electrical shocks. As Woe sucks out more of his life force energy, the boy feels his body melting away. As it does so, his shorts fall off his now much smaller body. Woe continues feeding and the boy shrieks as he watches his arms, legs, and the area that was covered by the shorts seem to melt away. He goes into shock and loses consciousness. Finally, the last bits of his body simply disappear, as Woe incorporates its energy into his own being. Woe smacks his non-material lips and grins widely. He slips back into his chamber, and uses his newly-replenished power to close the top the top by psychokinesis. He settles back into his home, and waits lazily for the next slave to be assigned to clean his chamber.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to hear you had problems getting acces to my question, glad it`ss sorted now.

Wow that was totally awesome . I had not thought of The Face of Woe feeding in that way , But that sure works fine . So what would be left of the slave that went in to clean the Face of Woe`s tank.


Glad you liked it. It just occurred to em that an immortal being might be more energy than matter. Given the way the Face feeds, there woudl be nothing left of the slave except his shorts floating in the energy field of the chamber.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Awesome .Next to nothing wasted , I would imagine that after a while the small swim shorts would fall to the ground , If this robotic vaccum automatically comes in to clean up the floor what would it be able to suck up , what would happen to anything it pics up.

A robotic vacuum. Good idea. It can't be afraid, so it can clean up without being fed upon. As Woe begins to rest, the energy field around him won't be as strong, so the shorts would fall to the ground.The vacuum would suck them up. Since this sort of clean-up is its regular job, it would have been made in such a way that items of clothing wouldn't get tangled up and cause a malfunction. Instead it would have a built-in device to shred the shorts into tiny pieces. There wouldn't be anything else left of the slave because his entire body was converted to the energy Woe needs. .
Anna, Teacher, writer, biologist
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 11810
Experience: Great research skills, variety of work experiences, teaching experience.
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