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for Anna only. Hello Anna , hope you are well . Was watching

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`for Anna only.` Hello Anna , hope you are well . Was watching the old Quatermass 2 film ((1957)) ,What exactly was it that was stored in the large domes at the secret chemical plant.

Hi Ewan,

I'll go to work on this this evening, right after my dinner. It sounds like another interesting project.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX to hearing from you.


It appears that the domes were devised to hold a gas that is poisonous to humans, but which the aliens needed to breathe in order to survive. Oxygen was toxic to the aliens. Some reviewers state that the poisonous gas the aliens needed to breathe was ammonia.

Do you have a story idea for this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes .Were you able to find out what the aliens in the domes looked lik and what they eat.

The aliens themselves were small and took over human bodies, where they could breathe oxygen. They were growing monster aliens in the domes. Here is what they supposedly looked like:


The blob monsters were to take over earth, probably by eating people. The descriptions of them eating say the meals are covered in black glop. I suspect that may be the monster equivalent of saliva.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow interesting picture . For our scene i was thinking of this , the 3 guys are cycling along close to the restricted area around the large plant that the domes are in .They get stopped and told by the guards that they can`t go anywere near the plant , They start to protest and the guards kill them .and take them back to the plant in a truck , What will they do with the guys bodies.

We never really see this sort of scene, but a number of writers have imagined it. I'll put together several of them for our scene. The monster has been said to be as much as 300 feet high, so these boys would just be a small snack. The monster doesn't like to eat bicycles, helmets, shoes, or clothes, so the aliens in human bodies will remove all of those things. Brains seem to be the first choice in foods for the monster. He uses his powerful teeth to crack their skulls. As he eats the brains, his slimy black saliva covers the bodies in goo. The monster then breaks open the rib cage of one body at a time, and proceeds to consume the internal organs. After that, he eats the flesh, discarding the broken bones as he goes. Because of his huge size, the entire meal only takes a few minutes. The monster has only had an appetizer at this point, so he waits eagerly for his alien masters to deliver more food.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nice ,which of the guys in the pictures would be given to the creature first.How would the guards prpare him.


They would go with the one in the middle picture first. After removing the guy's clothing, they would wash the body since it would be sweaty from cycling (they would want to pamper their special monster, so wouldn't give him a smelly meal). If they really wanted to spoil the monster, they might even break the skull and other bones so the monster wouldn't have to work so hard for his food. Then they would toss the body into the dome where the monster was waiting with a ravenous appetite.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nice Choice , He looks to be the smallest of the three so would make a good appitiser .If the guards then went for the guy in the 1st picture , his clothes look tighter and he also fills them a bit better , How would the guards remove what he has on, and what would they then do with it .


Because the guards are aliens who have taken over human bodies, they probably need a variety of clothing so they can fit in to different settings. They would remove the clothing carefully so as not to damage it - probably helmet, gloves, and shoes first, followed by the shorts and shirt, then any undergarments. They would wash the clothes, then store them in an area where they keep a variety of human clothing to select for certain occasions where they want to blend in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well thought out ,Once they then toss this guys body into the black goo having opened his skull and broken som of the bones ,were would the goo start to seep over first that would be the easyest part of the guy for it to absorb,How long it take.


Once the bones were broken and the body opened up -either by the guards or the monster- the goo would first seep inside and fill the skull cavity. Since the monster eats the brains first, that would get him started on the digestive process. However, because these guys are so small compared to the monster, the entire body would be covered, inside and out, in just a couple of minutes. The monster starts with the brain, so the upper part of the body would be covered first, and the black goo would quickly slither downward, covering the entire body. Within five minutes, the body would be consumed, and the monster would be ready for the next one.
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