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For Anna only Hello again ,Hope you are ok, I am doing well.

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`For Anna only` Hello again ,Hope you are ok, I am doing well. Was rhinking of doing a new scene for the movie Pig Hunt ,The scene goes as follows , Amixed group of campers have gone into remote wooded area , They camp near a river ,Most of the group head off to explore , But one guy says he will stay behind and guard the camp site and top up his sun tan ,There is a giant Hungry Boar roaming about ,you willing to help padd out some of the information.
Yes, I'm going to work on it right now.

Wild boar attacks are especially vicious. They are a problem in parts of Asia and in the southern United States. Boars generally attack the lower body with their tusks. Here are two stories (the first with photos of injuries) of real-life boar attacks:

Here is a prospective scene. The fellow who decides to guard the camp sits for awhile and alertly watches the surrounding terrain. He doesn't see anything worth his attention and gets bored. He decides to lie back and work on his tan, so removes his shirt, jeans, shoes and socks. The sun feels good and makes him sleepy. He soon dozes off.

Down on the riverbank, a huge boar snorts and roots along the water. Suddenly, he catches a scent and raises his head to get a better whiff of it. It's human. This boar has been around for years and knows the danger humans present. He has scars from old wounds inflicted by hunters. The boar cautiously moves closer. He peers at the sleeping young man. The boar grunts.

The guy is startled from his sleep by the noise. He quickly sits up and finds himself staring into the boar's eyes. The only potential weapon the guy can rich is his shoes. He flings one and then the other at the boar. Being attacked this way infuriates the boar. He charges at the man with his razor-sharp tusks ready to gore. The man leaps to his feet just as the huge pig reaches him. the tusks gouge into his thigh and he stumbles. Blood gushes from his thigh.The boar charges in again, this time grazing the groin area. The man's flimsy underwear offers no protection, and the tusk rips them off. The guy tries to run, but the boar is faster. This time the powerful tusks stab into his buttocks. He falls. The boar spears him over and over, leaving huge gashes and tearing the flesh, including the genitals.The guy goes into shock. The boar sees the threat is over, and isn't interesting in eating him (they prefer acorns, roots, bird eggs, and small lizards. The guy will bleed to death if his friends don't return quickly. They would find him in a pool of blood, his lower body nothing but mangled flesh.

This would make a gruesome scene.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

wow , that was a really good scene ,the boar that attacked and gored that guy was just a baby compared to the real Terror that lurked in the forrest . The Ripper -- a murderous three-thousand-pound black boar! This creature had been brought up being fed on human flesh by it`s Pot and drug crazed hippies growing drugs to selland sample themselves .

Another of the guys in the group heads back to the Camp and finds his friend all bloody dead , in panic he runs into the forrest hoping to catch up with his friends , but stumbles on the Hippies camp.

They take him in and listen to what he says about his friends death , the bucksom females ply him with drink, and drugs and start to remove his clothes down to the swim trunks .

He thinks that they are going to have an orgy ,But the drink and drugs have been laced with something more potent .

He wakes a hour or to later pegged out spread eagled in a high fenced enclosure just in the swimsuit ,He looks around and sees the drunk and drug filled hippies watching from along the top of the high fence .


The leader of the hippes blows a loud horn and soon the Huge Ripper ,the giant wild boar appears hungry and ravenous .


The guy screams and shouts trying to get free , but the Boar homes in on him.

See the size comparison of the guy and this boar , thats how big the one going after the guy in second picture is . How it feed on him.


Wow, this is really a horror movie! The guy is already terrified, having found his dead friend previously, and now horror fills him as the Ripper comes toward him. The giant boar plows into him with his tusks, goring his rib cage. It then returns, ravenous at the scent of blood. The crazy hippies all shout and applaud. The Ripper spears its tusks into the young man repeatedly, again focusing on the lower body, since that's what boars usually do. He hits the guy with such force that the ropes binding him are forced free, bloodying the man's wrists and ankles in the process. The swimsuit is quickly shredded, and the boars sees the easily targeted genitals and consumes them first. He then goes to work on other tender areas of the body, where it's easy to tear off flesh - the buttocks, thighs, upper arms. When he's finished with that, he settles down to know on the bonier parts, just like a dog with a bone. The hippies lose interest and begin to wander off, leaving the Ripper to finish his meal and then sleep.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yea . it sure is a mega horror story .Fantastic reply .When it starts to feed on the guys Genitals how will it eat them , How much of the guy could the huge boar eat in one sitting and would it eat any of the black swimtrunks with the speedo logo on the front .


If the rest of his friends manage to find or get guns and shoot and kill most of the hippies , the rest fleeing into the forrest and then they search the hippies camp ,what if anything will they find of the guy in the boars enclosure , The boar having been realeased into the forrest by the hippies .

The Ripper would not be interested in eating the swimtrunks, and during the attack, they would probably be ripped off in pieces. The boar would probably grab the genitals (which are the easiest target on the body) in his teeth and tear them off. Given his size, that would be one bite. Also, an animal that big would be able to consume a human in one sitting.

When the guy's friends came upon the site, they'd fine pieces of the swimtrunks, blood, and perhaps some pieces of flesh that were too small for the boar to bother with. But if the Ripper were very hungry, he'd probably sniff out even the tiny bits. He is also big enough to crunch up bones, so would eat them as well.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well thanks for the help with another of my horror story scenarios , really enjoy reading your replies , They give me a lot of inspiration.

You're welcome! I'm glad to be of help.
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