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for Anna only. Hello Anna ,Was looking for information on

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`for Anna only.` Hello Anna ,Was looking for information on crocodile attacks on humans after reading about a recent attack .
Hi Ewan. I'll go to work on this, and be back when I have some good information for you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks look forward to hearing from you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If you need any more time information let me know.


Will do.
There are several species of crocodiles around the world that are responsible for fatal attacks on humans, but most such attacks are by the Nile crocodile. The crocodiles that carry out the attacks are about 3 meters long, but they can be twice that size. It is thought that Nile crocodiles kill hundreds of people in poor areas of Africa every year. Crocodiles in Asia, Australia, and some tropical islands are also responsible for a number of fatal attacks. The salt-water crocs of Australia are known for the aggressiveness.I found a list of specific attacks on humans on this Wikipedia page (scroll down about 1/3):

I thought you might find the attack on the Japanese soldiers in 1945 particularly interesting.

Crocodiles hunt their prey by invisibly stalking them for hours. When the time is right. the huge crocs explode from the water and grab whatever body part they can get hold of, often an arm or leg. They then pull their prey under water. When the prey is dead, either from bleeding or drowning, the crocodile may bring it back to the surface and shake it so violently that it is torn to pieces. Other times, the crocodile rolls, claws, and rips while grasping the body. It will remove arms, legs, and head, then eats the pieces. After an attack, searchers may find small pieces of the body and torn up clothes in the water. In several cases of attacks by large crocs, pieces of body and clothing have been found in nearby tree branches because the crocodile shook the victim so hard.

Crocodiles also attack fro reasons other than food. A female will defend her nest. Males and females defend their territory. If surprised or frightened by a human, a croc will attack in self-defence. Sometimes people do very foolish things that can result in an attack.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Anna , Thanks for the great information . I was reading an news article recently about a 4.7mtr saltwater crocodile that attacked a group of boys swimming ,It mauled one boys arm , then grabbed another 12yr old and swam off with him in its jaws.

If the guy in the picture was this guy .Could a crocodile of that size eat him hole?

You're welcome.The guy looks pretty muscular and I doubt the crocodile would be able to swallow the shoulders. They can't chew their food, so the beastw oudln't be able to chew him as he swallowed. It would probably prefer to tear him into bits.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nods ,I was not sure if it would be able to .If it managed to break the boys body in to about the belly button ,could it then possibly swallow the lower body clad in the trunks and legs hole , and then possibly reduce the torso by removing the arms and head and swallow them one at a time?

Yes, that would be a realistic scenario.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I also read that after feeding ,In this case on the guy in picture that the crocodile then seeks out a sunny beech or similar area to bask in the sun to digest it`s meal . How long would it take the croc to digest the boy,

Would it digest the goggles he was wearing if they were ingested .What about the tight swim suit he is wearing and his meat inside them ?


Plastic goggles are not digestible and would come out in the crocodile's droppings. Chances are the swimsuit would be torn up during the attack, but most such clothing items are made of synthetic material, so if the croc swallowed some, it also would not be digested. The indigestible materials would be mangled and bleached out, though, by the powerful digestive juices.

Crocodiles often rest for days after taking in a big meal, so basking on a sunny beach would be likely. Crocs feel quite lazy and get lethargic after eating.

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