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For joan onlyHello Joan hope you are well ,Was watching

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`For joan only`Hello Joan hope you are well ,Was watching a clip from the movie When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. in particular the part from 0.33 onwards . and thought it would make a good scene for one of my stories .
Hello Ewan,

It's me, Anna. Joan and I work together, and she just let me know she is not feeling well today. She asked me to assist you - that is, if you want me to. If you prefer to wait until she's well, that's fine, too. Let me know what you want to do.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh , I hope she feels better soon , Thanks for stepping in to answer my questions. If you watched the video this is how i am planing the scene . The guy in the picture is running from the dinosaurs ,and finds what he thinks is an old tree stump.He hides inside but soon discovers that it is a carniverous plant ,He is unable to get out from it , What will happen to him.


I'll watch the video right now, then go to work on this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks .


The guy is traipsing through the tropical forest full of giant ferns and other prehistoric plants, looking for something to eat. He carries a knife in case he needs to hunt a small animal. He hears some rustling and breaking of branches off to the side. It startles him, but he's not afraid - yet. Suddenly a huge Tyrannosaurus rex bursts out of the greenery with a roar. An adrenaline rush kicks in and the guy runs for his life.

The dinosaur is right behind him. He can feel its breath. It reaches for him with a clawed hand and leaves bloody stripes down his back and shredding the back of his jeans. But now there's hope - an old tree stump, just the right size for him to hide in. The guy jumps in just as the T. rex grabs his arm. He brings the injured arm up to look at it The knife goes flying, and the guy screams with pain. For a minute, he doesn't realize he's in even more trouble. Then he feels it - sticky, oozing liquid surrounds him. He struggles and he decides he can use his one free arm to get out of his jeans which are stuck in the ooze. He has to work fast, but manages to unzip t he jeans and kick his way out of them an d his underwear. He uses his legs now to put pressure on the plant. The entire plant bends to the ground with his weight. He sees his knife and scrambles to reach it, but the goo surrounding him becomes more and more adhesive. He can't move his arms. He feels the sticky syrup moving into every nook and cranny of his body. Now he can't move at all. But the air in the plants so he can breathe.

Finally, he's too tired to struggle at all, and it's futile anyway. He can't move at all. It feels like he is tightly clamped in a vise. The plant releases a new fluid. As it pours over his body, the guy feels a tingling in his arms, legs, and genitals. Then it becomes painful. He realizes it is the plants digestive juices. All the skin on his body burns. He closes his eyes as he goes into shock. Now he feels nothing. The carnivorous plant continues to digest the body. It takes days. When it is finally finished, nothing remains but bones and hair, and the guy's tattered clothes. The plant opens up, and once again looks like an old stump. Little scavenger animals, who live in synergy with the plants scurry in to remove the remains. As they gnaw on the bones, the plant waits for its next meal.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow fantastic scenario thanks .


You're welcome.
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