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for Anna only , Hello Anna , hope you are well . Was watching

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`for Anna only` , Hello Anna , hope you are well . Was watching A night mare on elm street 3 ,The part were freddy kruger turns into a snake see link From 0:50 and wondered if you would help with a possibe change to the scene ,thanks look forward to hearing from you.
Hi Ewan,

I'm fine; I hope you are, too. I can work on it this afternoon (my time). What kind of change are you envisioning?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Anna ,Glad you are well, I am doing fine to. What i was thinking of changing was instead of the girl in the clip shown it would be this guy in picture .and unfortunatley for him there is no Damsel or hero to come and rescue him .Would freddie the snake be able to swallow him if so how.

Glad to hear you're fine, too. Thanks for the additional information about what you want. I'll go to work on it, and, as usual, you'll get an email when I post.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks , Look forward to hearing from you.


I just lost my entire answer - will have to start over.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh I hate it when that happens .


Yes, I hate it, too. Here we go again:

I have never seen these movies. That is some snake. Here is what I envision:

The guy is walking through the room when he sees the moving lump under the carpet. He's the brave sort, and being curious, he pokes at it. This angers Freddie, who slinks up into the walls. The guy is a bit startled by his sudden disappearance, but not alarmed. Suddenly, plaster begins to rain down on him, followed by the wooden framework of the wall. Then he sees that horrifying face. As the snake lunges for him, he runs and screams. Freddie grabs for him but the guy is fast so the snake leaves toothmarks down the young man's back and shreds the back of his jeans. Freddie leaps for him again, and this time grabs one leg.The guy tries to keep his wits about him, and kicks at the snake with his other leg. Freddie's jaws are clenched, and there's no escaping. As the snake becomes exasperated with the guy's kicking, he opens his mouth enough to take in both legs. He begins to swallow. As he does so, his sharp teeth completely tear the guys jeans to shreds. The young man continues to struggle to no avail. Like all snakes, Freddie has jaws that unhinge so he can swallow large prey whole. He doesn't chew his food - teeth are just for capturing. As his lower body enters the snake's esophagus, the strong peristalsis crushes the guy's legs, buttocks, and genitals. He screams with the pain and continues to beat at Freddie's face with his fists. But Freddie just keeps taking huge gulps. As the guy's head enters the snake's mouth, he loses consciousness. Freddie swallows him whole. It will take few days for the snake to digest the meal. His strong stomach acids can digest bone. the droppings will have some white chalkiness from the bone, some hair, and a few bits of shredded cloth in them.That's all that will be left of the guy.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

mmm Very nice scenario .;Would Freddie pause for a while just as he reached the guys groin area in the jeans .would he investigate the area more if so how .

Well, since he's not a real creature, we can make him do anything. We can say that as that area nears his mouth, he finds the scent curious, so he stops swallowing for a few seconds. He makes some deep sniffs, then uses his teeth to explore a little more. That of course causes more screams from the young man. His curiosity satisfied, freddie continues to swallow.
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