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Good evening,I apologize my gramma is not well. The problem

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Good evening,I apologize my gramma is not well. The problem started when I started looking for job. One company give me offer for job. They want to know how I'm good send money by company as money gramm. I've agree. They ask me if I've got account,after my answer no they said no problem we can use my partner account, he agreed. So they send money on his account,my duty was take the money and send. By money gram as said instructions. I've done, they were happy and ask me if can do this again but by different company and I said I have to thinking about that. But after that my partner's bank call him, and said that his account is blocked. We went straight to the bank explained all situation. They said we have call there. My partner has language barrier,when I called there,they want to speak with him. But for them was funny that he doesn't understand and they was very rude. They said this situation is criminal akt and from these time he has problem open account in eny others banks. He was looking for job as well,but every where was answer sorry without bank account not possible. he has that time overdraft, in this moment they cancel overdraft and want of course straight money back. Both of as was without job, wainting on benefits. The over draft is know in financial company and we got repaytment. My partner's credit score is really bad and all this situation wasn't his fault but mine.
Hello. I can assist you with your question.

I am sorry you have run into trouble with people taking advantage of a bad situation. That is very bad.

There is no legitimate job that will require you to have a bank account to work for them. If a company or person tells you they need bank account information to provide employment, they are trying to steal from you.

To correct the problems your partner has with his credit score and inability to get an account, you should contact the major credit bureaus for support in your native language. Explain to them that someone has fraudulently used his identity and you wish to do what you can to clear that up. They will help you.

If you have difficulty communicating with them, contact a nonprofit credit counseling service. It is important that you find this assistance in your native language. Many people cannot be trusted so be very careful.

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