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Michael, Librarian
Category: General
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How can I deal with difficult customers at work?

Customer Question

How can I deal with difficult customers at work?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Michael replied 4 years ago.
Hello, thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael, a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Difficult I know when dealing with customers who will make your day at work miserable. I have gone ahead and researched some good tips for anyone dealing with customers on a daily basis:

1. Listen first to the customer and try to let them have their say. Better to hear their complaint first and then take the opportunity to build rapport with the customer.

2. Try to understand the frustration that the customer is dealing with. This will show the customer that you understand their position and situation.

3. Anger from the customer will decrease if you lower your voice.

4. Never get angry but remind the customer that you are there to help them and you are their best chance of resolving the situation.

5. So important to never take it personally. Know that the customer doesn't know you and they're just venting frustration at you as a representative of your company. Try to guide the conversation back to the issue and how you intend to resolve it.

6. Always have your direct supervisor handy in case a senior person in charge is needed.