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My boyfriend at the time had a heart attack in 2012 hasnt

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My boyfriend at the time had a heart attack in 2012 hasn't been the same since, January this year he broke up with me said he didn't feel the same way, how can a heart attack make someone fall out of love with you, we have know each other 15 years he was really in love with me. I am still in love with him.
When a person has a heart attack, many times months after they begin to feel frightened. As if they wont live for very long. They don't want to be alone yet when they love someone so much, they are afraid that should they get another heart attack, and become so debilitated that their loved one has to take care of them 24-7, they don't want to be a burden and feel that it would be better for them to let that person move on so that they don't ruin their lives. It is the fright of 1. having another one, 2. not living to an old age because they already had one. They need to talk to a therapist, or I suggest you call the cardiologist as they have support groups for those who have also had heart attacks where they can get together and talk about the fears. It will take time but without therapy it will be hard to overcome themselves however the longer they go on in their lives the more they will realize that they aren't dying. Its a process and what he is going thru is very normal for anyone who had to face their life almost ending so suddenly, and if they do survive its like they are walking on egg shells waiting for the next one to happen. The hospital he had the surgery in, the heart surgeon Im sure can put you in touch with a cardiac support group in his area where he can talk about all these fears among those who also have gone thru the same thing. Hang in there. Its not easy.
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