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for anna only Hello Anna was looking for some information

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`for anna only` Hello Anna was looking for some information on this scene from a uk Tv program ,would you be interested in helping ?
Hello Ewan,

Yes, I'd love to help. Let me know what information you need, and I'll go to work on it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks .I was wondering if this guy in first pic was just entering the pool as the other guy was diving in from the high platform which one would it eat first ,would it eat both of them.

Thank you. I'll come up with a scenario for you. You'll get the usual email when I post.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok thanks , look forward to hearing from you.

Wow, mosasaurus is some monster! I learned some were as long as 20 meters. For this scenario, we'll make the mosasaurus that huge.

The creature lurks at the bottom of the pool, which is deep to allow for diving. As the first guy enters the pool, mosasaurus sees him and watches, but the sudden movement of the other guy as he dives captures the monster's attention. Its prey drive kicks in and it leaps high into the air and grabs him. The bite crushes the young man's internal organs an d he dies instantly. It happens so fast that all the guy entering the pool notices is a large splash. The mosasourus has the diving guy in his huge jaws and retreats to the bottom of the pool with him.It shakes the guy to break off pieces of the body, eating the arms and legs first, by swallowing each limb whole. Then it sucks in the bloody torso head first and swallows it. The bathing trunks don't phase the mosasaurus at all as that scrap of material is insignificant to him.

Meanwhile the guy who was just slipping into the pool starts to think the guy who dove in might have hit his head and needs help. He starts to swim to the bottom to look for him, but a huge shadow passes over him. The guy panics and tries to get back to the surface, but it's too late. The animal grabs his legs and pulls him down. On the bottom of the pool, the mosasaurus begins to bite into one section at a time. He rips off both legs and gulps them down. Then takes hold of the lower trunk and forces it into his huge mouth. It especially enjoys the meaty flesh of the buttocks and the tender genitals. The mosasaurus eats quickly though, and in a few minutes, all that shows is the young man's arms protruding from the monster's mouth. One more gulp and he disappears completely. The mosasaurus is now so full, it needs to rest. It lies quietly on the bottom of the pool until the next time it gets hungry.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Wow , nice scenario ,given that it`s just the two guys that had been in the pool and the Mossasaur won`t be disturbed ,All i can say is lucky Mossasaur ,getting 2 good meal at one time . what will be happening inside the mossasaur now as it lays at the bottom of the pool with the 2 bodies of the guys in the red and blue swim trunks .

The mosasoarus has extremely strong stomach acids. The creature will sleep at the bottom, allowing its body to use all its energy to digest. Those stomach acids are so strong that they will completley digest everything - hair, bones, and swim trunks. There will be no sign of the two guys in the anmial's droppings.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Wow , great information. given that the first guy in the red speedos is packing a lot of meat in the trunks, would the Mossasaur have noticed that as it swallowed that area ,Once it started digesting that area what would happen .

The mosasaurus has such huge jaws and a huge throat that it wouldn't have noticed.The area would ahve been swallowed whole. Once in the stomach, the acid would dissolve it from the outside in, just as it would the other body parts. The churning of the stomach also contributes to digestion. . If you'd like to see an explanation of the process (in humans), here is a video:

It would be similar in other animals, but in this case faster and with stronger acids.
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