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for Anna only Hello Anna , hope you are well ,was working

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`for Anna only ` Hello Anna , hope you are well ,was working on some new scenarios for my monster sci fi stories , will get in touch if you are interested in helping , many thanks .
Hello ewan,

Yes, I'm interested. I'm going to be away for a family Mother's Day gathering, but should be able to work on later tonight (my time). Just let me know what your questions are, etc.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , thats fine answer when you have time . The plot of this story is a Scientist has bought a huge island in a tropical location . He is trying to create animals for military purposes and also for food , He is also experimenting on various plants to increase the crop size for humans and animals alike ,to try and help the ever growing problem of feeding the ever increasing population.

In this scene he has been working on Great white sharks with a view of using them as a weapon against foriegn powers . He some how manages to get a very good male diver/swimmer to come to his island for a secret holiday . He lets him use the ocean pool and once he is swimming he releases the huge great white shark .How will the shark deal with what is offered to him in the pool .((see pics.))

The scientist is a little crazy and has been doing lots of experimenting with his sharks. He has developed a line of them that are especially aggressive, but something else happened with this particular shark. He takes energy the fear of his victims. The young man arrives, anticipating a fun holiday. The scientist shows him the beautiful pool, and since the guy loves swimming and diving more than anything else, he asks if he can go in. He changes into his swim trunks and dives into the water. The scientist watches for a few minutes, admiring the guy’s grace under water. But the scientist, being crazy, is ready for blood and wants to see how well the shark will function as a military weapon.

When the young man dives to the bottom, the scientist releases the great white. At first, the shark doesn’t notice the swimmer, but when the guy surfaces for air, the shark is alerted to his presence. Because the shark needs to feel the young man’s fear, he begins a classic bump and bite attack. He rams the diver, pushing him back under water. The guy doesn’t know what hit him and tries frantically to surface. The shark goes for appendages and grabs an arm. As he chomps down, the guy realizes what is happening. The shark is huge and the bite painful. The guy kicks at the shark. The shark drops the arm and grabs a thigh. He tears into and blood flows, further encouraging the shark. Now the diver is out of air. He tries to hold his breath as he attempts to hit and kick the shark, but he can’t hold out any longer. He gasps and his lungs fill with water. The shark rips off the leg and eats it, then goes for the area under the trunks. He tears through the trunks as bites off the appendages under them. The young man goes into shock, then loses consciousness. The shark has gotten all the energy he can from fear, since an unconscious person isn’t fearful. The blood in the water causes a feeding frenzy. He quickly eats the other leg and the arms. Then he rips and gulps down what is left of the torso. The scientist stands at the edge of the pool and nods with satisfaction at the performance of his genetically engineered shark. He begins plotting a way to bring in his next victim.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Wow great scene as always .Would the shark eat and swallow absolutley everything of the young swimmer .what if snything might the mad scientist find in the pool after the shark has left .

Nothing but a few scraps of blue material.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Interesting ,Would the shark have eaten any of the swimtrunks ,how long it take the shark to digest the boy and his manhood and any swim trunk material .,What parts of the swim trunks would the Mad scientist find floating in the pool.

Many thanks once again for the absolutly fabulous answers and scene.


As the shark ripped through the trunks in the beginning, they were basically shredded. He probably accidentally ate a few pieces. The back of the trunks will be floating almost whole, since the shark ripped into the front. All that would be left of the front would be the shreds. Sharks take a long time to digest their food - several days.

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