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for anna only Hello Anna , hope you are keeping well , nformation

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`for anna only` Hello Anna , hope you are keeping well , nformation on the next installment of the scientists Island story .Was thinking on the lines of a training ship ,based on one of the tall ships with a large variety of people on it and all nationalities , The ship mysteriously hits something in the water and the crew and trainee`s are forced to abandon ship , if you are still willing to help. let me know, Many thanks .
Hello Ewan,

Yes, i can get to it later this evening. are you thinking along the lines of the giant shark eating some of these people? Let me know exactly what you have in mind.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , thanks for the reply , Not thinking of a giant shark at this moment in time ,althought that could be a scene later .

Most of the crew and trainee`s from the stricken tall ship swim to shore , or get in life boats . They arrive on the shore in small groups , or in somecases alone .

the guy in the pic swims to shore alone and manages to get there safely ,he scrambles onto the beach and collapses on the beach,just a few feet away from the tree line .

he is dressed as in pic, he lays there exhausted , and fighting to stay awake , a Leopard is on the hunt for food and being on this island makes it more dangerous . What will happen to the guy when the leopard finds him. many thanks.

OK, I'm going to write this attack so it occurs in the way a leopard actually hunts and eats its prey.

It's getting late and the young man is exhausted. He's unaware of a pair of eyes on him from above. A large male leopard rests on a tree branch far above, and waits. Finally, the guy can't keep his eyes open any longer and he falls asleep. The leopard drops from the tree and slinks toward the guy. He stalks him, just like a house cat would stalk a mouse. The leopard steps on a twig, and the guy hears the sound. He awakens and sits up. The leopard leaps for him, grabbing him by the throat. He rips into the jugular, and waits as the guy bleeds to death.Next the leopard uses his sharp claws to rip open the torso and pull out all the organs. The leopard doesn't like to eat 'guts' and throws them aside. He also doesn't want to eat fur or other strange materials. He uses hi sharp and delicate incisor teeth to remove the shorts and all the hair from the guy's head and body.

Now the leopard is ready to eat. There are hyenas hanging around the area, so the leopard takes the young man's body up a tree. He then eats, beginning with t he meatier parts, including what is under the shorts, the buttocks, thighs, etc... He's no longer hungry and wants to save what is left for another day. He finds a sturdy branch near the trunk and stashes what is left of the body there. Then he lies down, all four legs dangling off the branch, and falls a sleep. Down on the ground, the hyenas clean up the organs the cheetah didn't want.

The next morning, the leopard consumes the meat still left on the bones. He chews and swallows the smaller bones, and drops the larger ones to the ground where the hyenas grab them and run off to gnaw on them. After this second large meal, the leopard dozes off.

When the guy's shipmates come on the scene, they find blood, hair, and the shorts. They have no idea what got their friend, but they know they'd better be careful. but for now, the leopard sleeps soundly.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Once more a great reply. Many thanks . I take it that when removing the guys body hair from his head it will use the rough ness of his tongue to do that .

It`s difficult to tell from the picture what other body hair the guy has ,Possibly a light downy hair on arms and legs etc. Hard to tell if the guy has any hair around his private parts ,How would it remove that hair ,

When it come to eating the area that had been in the trunks ,it looks as if the guy was well equiped ,Would the leopard toy with that area , licking it and taking it in its mouth ,how it eat it .

Many thanks once more for your great help . thanks


1) How would it remove that hair

Leopards remove hair from prey by scratching and pulling at it with their pointed incisor teeth. Fine downy hair doesn't bother them - they just eat parts covered with that. coarser hair, such as what is found on the head and around private parts would be removed by delicate action of those teeth.

2) When it come to eating the area that had been in the trunks ,it looks as if the guy was well equiped ,Would the leopard toy with that area , licking it and taking it in its mouth ,how it eat it .


Since those parts of the body are not part of the main torso, the leopard probbaly would tear them off to eat separately, just as it would arms and legs. Cats do tend to mouth their food and work into the back part of their mouth to be chewed. So, it coudl take a few minutes for the leopard to eat those parts. If he wasn't extremely hungry, he might even toss them into the air, bat at them, and then catch them. You may have seena house cat do that with a mouse.

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