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For Anna only Hello Anna, hope you are well ,I am thinking

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`For Anna only ` Hello Anna, hope you are well ,I am thinking for the next island scene using giant ants like in the movie Them ((1954)) .If you would be interested in helping let me know and i will send you more information. Many thanks , look forward to hearing from you.
Hello Ewan. Yes, please do send more information. Thank you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for responding , I will get to work on it now, thanks again.


Customer: replied 3 years ago. is the information. The guy incharge of the group camped on the beach decides to send a group of four guys to look for more survivours and to see if they can find any help on the island its self. The four guys wander deeper into the jungle and come across a large open pipe ,this leads into the giants ants nest , were the Scientist has mutated them with radiation and other chemicals . they are huge , How they attack and deal with the guys ,named as below





Thanks for the information. This is another one that will take some time (because there are 4 guys involved).I'll go to work on it this afternoon.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok thanks , look forward to your reply .

I apologize for the delay. I've been working on the story, but am not happy with what I have. I'll continue tomorrow with revisions, then post it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thats ok , Take what time you need ,

I appreciate your patience, Ewan.

Days have passed for the group of survivors on the beach. They send a group each day into the jungle to fetch fresh water for drinking. They stay far away from the crocodile pond. They’re able to catch fish and sea creatures to eat. One day the group sent for water finds human footprints in the jungle. The footprints, of course, belong to the mad scientist. They report this find back to their leaders. Now everyone is wondering, “Are their other survivors somewhere? Do people live here - people who know the ways of the island and could help them?”

After some discussion, they decide to ask for volunteers to explore the situation. John is the first volunteer, but he is told he can’t go due to his youth. Graham, Lee, and David all volunteer, and begin packing supplies for the trek. John, unknown to the others is also preparing. He slips off into the jungle and waits. The three older guys begin the long journey. John trails silently behind them.

They walk for days, living on tropical fruits. At night they build a fire to scare away any predators. John always camps near them, but out of sight. On the morning of the fifth day, he is the one who finds a footprint. He is so excited that he can’t hide any longer. He races to join the group and show them what he found. The three older guys are angry with him for sneaking along, but they agree there’s nothing to do but bring him along. He can’t be sent back to the beach by himself. The four of them follow the few footprints they find for several hours. They lead into a clearing. A strange odour permeates the area.

The four of them split up, trying to find where the footprints lead next. Lee stumbles upon a tunnel made from large drainpipe. The peculiar odour grows stronger in the tunnel. It’s something Lee has smelled before, but he can’t quite place it. Lee calls to the others.They discuss what to do, and Graham volunteers to go in to see what he can find. Lee and David insist that he can’t go alone. John is instructed to stay put while the three older guys explore the tunnel.

They creep along in the darkness, lit only by the one flash light the survivors found on the beach. Suddenly there is a flitting shadow just ahead of them. They stop and watch. Nothing happens. They move on a few more steps, and see it again. Suddenly, Lee lets out a yelp. “Something stung my leg!” he shouts. Then the odour registers with him. Ants. That is the smell ants give off. Formic acid. Lee’s lower leg begins to swell where the sting took place, but he says they must travel on.

The tunnel opens into a cavern. It is lit by some kind of hole to the surface above. In the center of the cavern lies the biggest queen ant anyone could imagine. She can’t move, but is simply an egg-laying machine. Piles of gigantic white ant eggs are stashed around the cavern. Larvae squirm in individual burrows made for them. Nurse ants bustle about caring for the eggs and larvae and taking food to the queen. The young men watch silently, but suddenly, the air is pierced by a high-pitched scream. The nurse ants have alerted the soldiers that the colony is in danger.

All the ants’ eyes focus on the intruders. The first of the soldiers arrives. She grabs Graham in her huge mouth and flings him across the cavern. His bones crunch as he hits the wall. He lies stunned on the floor. An ant grabs David by his lower body, stinging his groin area. He screams in intense pain and collapses. His organs begin swelling, and not in a good way. Lee, already weak from the sting to his leg, is grabbed by the head. The ant venom flows into his eyes, blinding him. All three men scream, but the ants are not deterred by the sound. They continue grabbing the guys and flinging them about, stinging as they go.

Outside the tunnel, young John hears the noise. He crawls into the tunnel and stays low in order to hide. The sight he stumbles on horrifies him. His three older friends are battered and bloody, with various body parts swollen from stings. John decides he has to run for help. As he nears the tunnel entrance, he sees a strange looking man. Tall, old, and skinny, with a scraggly long beard and stringy hair. It is the mad scientist. The scientist laughs. “Where do you think you’re going, my young friend?”

“Help us. Help us!” John shouts. The scientist just cackles again, and blocks John’s way. One of the huge ants comes up behind John and carries him back into the tunnel. The ant takes him back to the queen’s nest. The three older guys are unconscious now, and the ants busily communicate with their antennae about what to do with them. These ants are not meat eaters, but prefer the sugary tropical fruits of the jungle. Their queen, however, needs protein for her egg-laying duties. The ants probe the unconscious men with their feelers to see if they might be a suitable food source. John watches in horror as the ants decide the clothing is inedible and rip it off with their jaws. Then they begin tearing the bodies into bite-size pieces to be stored. They tear off hands, feet, arms, legs, genitals first. Then pull the muscle off the bones. One of the workers takes David’s swollen organs to the queen as an immediate meal. She chomps them up, enjoying the flavour of the blood and tender flesh.

When the ants have sorted all the flesh and body parts into piles, they turn to John, still in the mouth of his captor. Because the queen so enjoyed her meal of genitals, one of the ants stings John in the groin after ripping off his clothing. He faints from the horror and pain. A worker tears off the morsels and delivers them to her queen. Then they begin the processing of John’s body for storage. They have stung all four of the guys repeatedly, injecting formic acid, which serves as a preservative. The worker ants are satisfied with their stash; their queen will be well-fed for quite some time. The soldiers are proud of their ability to defend their colony. From above, the scientist watches the whole process through the dome window he placed at the top of the nest. He laughs hysterically.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Wow that was an incredible scene. Those ants sure know how to protect their nest.

1) 1) How would they have removed Graham’s tight denim shorts would they still be recognisable as denim shorts?

2) 2) Where would they start to tear David’s tight jeans off of him?

3) 3)Did the Queen ant eat all four of the guy’s man hoods etc . . . . .?

4) 4) Once the worker/soldier ants had finished sorting the meat of the guys into piles. What would be left?

5) 5) From which of the four guys, Graham, *****, ***** and David do you think the queen ant would have got the best meal of genitals from?

TTThanks for the great scenario .

You're welcome.

1) How would they have removed Graham’s tight denim shorts would they still be recognisable as denim shorts?

Ants of all sizes are very adept with their front legs. They would be able to remove the shorts in one piece. They would be recognizable.

2) Where would they start to tear David’s tight jeans off of him?

Because they are so flexible with their limbs, the ants would be able to unsnap/unzip the jeans and use their jaws and legs to pull them off.

3)Did the Queen ant eat all four of the guy’s man hoods etc . . . . .?

The nurse ants are in charge of caring for the queen, the eggs, and larvae. their only purpose in life is to make sure their queen is healthy and happy so she can keep laying eggs. Because of that, they chose to only feed her the choice morsels from two of the guys on this day. They completed her meal with internal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) to provide a balance of nutrients. The other manhoods will be served to her on another day.

4) Once the worker/soldier ants had finished sorting the meat of the guys into piles. What would be left?

Everything but the bones and hair would serve as food. The worker ants would be in charge of keeping the nest clean, so they would carry out to the jungle what was inedible. A search party might find the clothing, bones, and hair in a pile on the jungle floor. Or perhaps, some scavenger animal would consume the bones, leaving only hair and clothing to be found.

5) From which of the four guys, Graham, *****, ***** and David do you think the queen ant would have got the best meal of genitals from?

Well, I may not be the best judge of that, but I would guess it might be Graham.

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